Rutgers Takes Center Stage in the Bronx, Ash and Hobbs Throw First Pitch at Yankee Stadium

The argument over New York's college football team is never-ending but Rutgers coach Chris Ash made a statement this week with a first pitch at Yankee Stadium and appearances at OTAs for both football teams.

Welcome to New York Chris Ash.

Between OTAs with both the New York Jets and New York Giants and Tuesday's ceremonial first pitch in the Bronx, the Rutgers head coach is all in at his new home during the inaugural summer offseason.

A first pitch at Yankee Stadium proved a win-win for Ash, who enjoyed a moment with family at a historic landmark while he promoted the Rutgers brand.

There’s probably a little bit of both, to be honest with you," Ash said to reporters at Yankee Stadium. "First and foremost, it’s a tremendous honor. I didn’t grow up in a market like this. To sit here and think, ‘Wow, I’m going to throw out a first pitch at a Yankees game,’ it just doesn’t seem real. It’s a tremendous honor. I think it’s good exposure for our program and for our university.”

The Scarlet Knights kicked off the summer's 'R Big Tour' in style with discounted tickets for Rutgers fans at Yankee Stadium.

Ash downplayed his personal athleticism as a defensive back under Jay Niemann, but brought enough firepower to the table for a strike at Yankee Stadium. Rutgers athletic director and Basking Ridge, N.J. resident Pat Hobbs offered the same accuracy.

My grandfather was a big St. Louis Cardinals fan and we used to have arguments back and forth all the time between those teams," Ash said. "I used to go to watch the Kansas City Royals a lot with some of my relatives that lived in that area so I’m very familiar with baseball. I’ve been a baseball fan for a long time.”


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