Scouting Rutgers Defensive Line Targets with Former Player J'Vonne Parker

Former Rutgers and NFL defensive lineman J'Vonne Parker trains top North Jersey talent with his company, Pro Edge. Parker spoke with Scarlet Report with his breakdown on many offered Rutgers prospects that he trains in 2017 and 2018.

On Corey Bolds ... "“Last year Corey didn't seem like he had that mentality yet but this year, he came in with a dedication to dropping weight. He's shown dedication to building his technique. I've seen a different side of Corey that I didn't see last year. He's more motivated now than he's ever been and it's serving him well. He has one of the quickest first steps you'll see from a defensive tackle and he bends like no other. He has such natural bend and athleticism. … Corey is a freakish athlete.”

On Marcus Valdez ... "Valdez is a powerful, explosive tweener. [He] reminds me of Elvis Dumervil when I played with him in Denver, that's the best comparison I can make. If he can learn t o stand up and cover the flats, he can be a special college player."

On Dalyn Wade-Perry ... "He stands eye-to-eye with me and almost equally as wide, so you can't teach that right there. He has a willingness to learn that is unreal. He works his butt off. He's still got some growing to do but any high school player going into college has that. What we try to do is get these guys ready to be able to contribute their freshman year. A prospect that size, they're expecting them to come in and contribute right now."

On Tyler Friday ... "He's explosive. He's only been with us for a short time so we have to work on his hands, but as far as exploding, he's probable one of the most physical linemen that I've worked with him in that class. He's definitely not an offensive guy. I know [Don Bosco assistant] Mike Teel, that's my guy, has him on offense too but he's a defensive guy all the way through. … He gains ground on every step, and that's what you look for out of a defensive lineman. Tyler brings every physical piece of aggression in him toward gaining ground."

On Dorian Hardy ... "Dorian is one of our guys. When he comes in, he works unlike anybody else. As far as size, this kid is getting bigger every day. I don't understand what his mother is feeding him. He's getting bigger in a good way. It's going down to his legs. He has long arms. When he gets a real college weight program, the sky is the limit."

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