Scouting 2016 Signee Ahmed Bah with Former Rutgers WR K.J. Stroud

Former Rutgers receiver K.J. Stroud, now with Brooklyn (N.Y.) Grand Street Campus, spoke with Scarlet Report about incoming wide receiver Ahmed Bah.

After dismissal Kyle Flood's dismissal led to a late decommitment, Ahmed Bah ultimately found his way back to Rutgers when he signed on with new coach Chris Ash on National Signing Day.

With the second summer session around the corner, the Brooklyn (N.Y.) Grand Street product prepares for Rutgers and embarks on what his former wide receivers coach expects to be a successful career.

K.J. Stroud who coached Bah and the wide outs at Grand Street, knows a thing or two about what it takes at Rutgers.

Stroud played wide receiver on the Banks under Greg Schiano for 19 games from 2009-10 before he transferred to Bethune-Cookman.

“I’ve been coaching him for, this will complete two years,” Stroud said. “... He came to me with 1-AA offers. He worked his butt off and actually earned a scholarship to Rutgers. ... He had a phenomenal summer, had a 7-on-7 camp with our team, did great, earned himself a scholarship and he’s just been working ever since then.”

Stroud offered his take on his 6-foot-4, 192-pound pupil, and where Bah fits within an an offense with few proven receivers.

“I can tell you this much — he’s a physical guy, he plays above the DB, meaning he high-points the football,” Stroud said. “He’s really physical off the line of scrimmage. ... It’s really hard to press him because he’s so physical and he understands, being such a bigger guy, he understands how to play low with his pads, understanding that he’s really powerful. When he plays well, he doesn’t show the DB his numbers.”

Stroud mentioned that Bah has increased his weight, with the room to add on even more in the strength and conditioning program under coach Kenny Parker.

“I can tell you he’s gaining weight now,” Stroud said. “He’s about 200 pounds … and he’s really looking forward to making his impact as a true freshman.”

While his own time at Rutgers didn’t pan out as expected, Stroud said Bah has the potential to make the most of his resources.

“If you look at the history of the receivers there, Rutgers is known for putting a receiver in the league, receivers in the league, starting from Kenny Britt and going on down,” Stroud said. “So, I told him the tradition of being a receiver and actually having the opportunity to go move into the Big Ten and play at the next level — you know, the stage is actually pretty big, so to have the opportunity to pursue the next level if the opportunity comes. … I was able to tell him about Rutgers.”

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