Q&A with Rutgers PG Corey Sanders

PISCATAWAY, N.J. -- Rutgers guard Corey Sanders spoke 1-on-1 with Scarlet Report about his decision to return for a sophomore season, relationship with Steve Pikiell and more.

Sophomore guard Corey Sanders Interview

On playing for Steve Pikiell...

I'm getting pushed to my max level with these new coaches. I'm thanking them for everything because without work, I'm not going to get better. And I want to get better. I want to get at that next level and to win games. If I don't get better, we're not going to get better as a unit.”

On being pushed by new coaches...

I'm always up for a challenge. Coming here, I knew I was in for a challenge. I got through the first year with school and now I'm just focused on improving with my teammates. … We're just in here working trying to get better for this year.”

On the NBA experience...

I learned a lot. I trained for a week and a half in Miami trying to get some feedback from those guys. They work with the top players. I got great feedback. They wanted me to pursue more into it but I just wanted to come back and redeem myself from last year. As a person, me and my team, we didn't do so great. I want to come back and have a winning record and do things I know we can do. We can go beyond what I have set for us [as goals], but it all comes with time and work.”

On returning to Rutgers...

It's great. Basketball is in the air. We've been here two days a week. We've only got two hours [with the coaches] but we go hard those two hours. We're in the weight room every day. It's the little things that we're doing right now until we get back in September, until we can really crank things up. We're focused right now on changing the culture out here.”

On finally playing with Nigel Johnson...

I'm really excited. Every day we go at it, he pushes me to go hard. I push him to go harder. After practice we're playing 1-on-1, me him and Mike [Williams]. … It's great competition having somebody like that in our backcourt, I feel like me, Nigel and Mike can have one of the best backcourts in the Big Ten next year. I stand by that. You can quote me on that. I'm ready for my boy. I'm ready.”

On getting in better shape...

We've been in the weight room with [David] VanDyke, and he just does different things I've never done in my life, we definitely didn't do last year. I've gained about six pounds now trying to gain about 10 before the season starts. Stay solid. Get in better shape. He's conditioning us right. I really appreciate him.”

2015-16 27 24 902 33.4 430 15.9 156 369 .423 41 130 .315
TOTAL 27 24 902 33.4 430 15.9 156 369 .423 41 130 .315

2015-16 27 24 77 108 .713 13 75 88 3.26 47 0 115 83 5 48
TOTAL 27 24 77 108 .713 13 75 88 3.26 47 0 115 83 5 48

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