Rutgers OC Drew Mehringer Breaks Down QB Contest

PISCATAWAY, N.J. -- With co-starters at quarterback and a live competition at the position, offensive coordinator Drew Mehringer gives an in-depth Rutgers breakdown of his expectations and dramatic changes for Chris Laviano.

On the maturity of Chris Laviano

“For that young man, he’s had a lot of turmoil, and well-documented things go on in his life. One of the things that we talked about with him — not just from this past spring semester but throughout the summer — is consistency has to be established in your life and he did that. This summer was a tribute to an individual trying to change his life and do things the right way, and credit to him. He made our champions club and was one of our iron knights, which is not given out freely. It’s Kenny Parker and his staff, (they) give it to the guys that exemplify all of the characteristics that they want in the weight room. So credit to him for all of that.”

On first impressions of Zach Allen

“Zach Allen is a very likable kid and an intelligent football player. He is a very, very hard worker. He kind of exemplifies the kind of characteristics that you’re looking for in the intangibles for a quarterback. He’s got the leadership qualities, he’s got the work ethic, he’s got the intelligence, so I’m looking to see all of that translate into production and execution on the football field.”

On some of the changes Chris Laviano made…

“It was just a matter of choosing what you want down the road versus what feels good temporarily. And he chose development, he chose committing himself to the weight room, he chose committing himself to the film room and to his academics versus maybe going out and having some fun with some people. And you can see it in the way that he’s changed his body, you can see it in the way that he’s changed his body, you can see it in the way that he’s improved his leadership quality and the way that his team thinks about him as one of the common things we talked about last night as a team.”

On the rust of Zach Allen and if he can be ready in four weeks…

“Definitely, he can be ready in four weeks, especially for somebody like that that does embody those type of characteristics. He’s one of the guys that you tell them he can’t do it and he’ll get himself in a position to be able to succeed, so I don’t know what yet exactly what we’re going to find entirely with the body of work that Zach Allen’s going to produce, but it’s been encouraging so far.”

On what Tylin Oden  has shown so far…

“Tylin’s a big, tall, great looking kid. He showed some athletic ability today. He’s still a young pup, though, still learning the ropes. First college practice was an interesting one for him, but he did some really nice things. Don’t know yet, though, but it’s been encouraging so far.”

On preference of the starting quarterback’s skillset…

“If you see Tom Brady walking around, we’ll take him. Yeah, we’re looking for the best guy we can find and I think we said from the beginning, a guy that is competitive, that’s got leadership and intelligence. If he has those three things, then we can figure out all the x’s and o’s, that part’s easy.”

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