Video: Bigger Roberts Discusses MIKE Linebacker

PISCATAWAY, N.J. -- Deonte Roberts breaks down his move to middle linebacker and how past experiences helps him through a second training camp. Roberts describes a busy offseason in the weight room and the mental challenges of middle linebacker.

Rutgers Linebacker Deonte Roberts on Leading the Defense...

“[My job is] taking control of the defense and being out there with my brothers and leading them and being very vocal. It feels really good. … I did play quarterback my freshman year of high school.”

On the Move Inside...

“It's a little different. You actually have more control. Everything is in your hands at middle linebacker so on the weak side, plays just fall to you. At MIKE, you're just in there. It's a lot different.”

On Steve Longa...

“He's doing his own thing but we speak from time to time. I get to speak to Quentin Gause all the time. They just keep telling me to be a leader out there. Be vocal. Play hard.”

On Past Experience in Games...

“It helped me out a lot with [veterans] being able to give me tips and help me push forward. They didn't treat me like a freshman. They treated me like I was a guy that was here for a long time. It helped a lot. I'm still trying to get better.”

On How Weight Gain Changed Things...

“I feel a lot better. I feel a lot stronger. I got more mass to my body. I feel really good about the contact. I don't really feel it. … [I was] about like 190 [in high school], I put on a lot of weight. I've bulked up a lot. I can't give you a number right now but I did get a lot bigger.”

On Starting Against Army Last Year...

“It helped me out a little bit. It showed me how the game speed is and guys coming fast. Other than that, you still have to get a lot better. There are still things to improve on.”

On the Linebackers Being “A Mess.”

“I don't usually look at articles and stuff but each and every day, we knew that we had to improve because we aren't experienced. We just try to come in and get better and get coached hard.”

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