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Did Rutgers Hit Wall in Second Scrimmage? Coach Chris Ash Reacts, Discusses Latest at Quarterback

PISCATAWAY, N.J. -- Rutgers coach Chris Ash wanted a decision at quarterback soon after Saturday's scrimmage. What did he see from Chris Laviano and Zach Allen?

Every football team hits a training-camp wall. Rutgers' wall came this weekend in the second scrimmage of training camp.

Rutgers scrimmaged for more than two hours Saturday, but regressed in certain areas.

“There were goods and bads,” said head coach Chris Ash. “It's two weeks into training camp, two weeks until the first game. We're not game ready yet.

“... In some (areas we improved), in some areas we took a step back. A lot of that has to do with where we're at in camp. We've been grinding for two weeks. Everybody does it at this time of year. I think that we've taken it to another level in terms of the grind. We hit the wall mentally and physically after two weeks. That had some to do with some of the mental mistakes. We were just worn out. Now our focus is to try and get the minds and bodies right and get into game preparation.”

At quarterback, Chris Laviano maintains an edge over Zach Allen in terms of first-team reps but neither stepped up enough Saturday to win the job.

“Not game ready yet,” Ash said on the quarterbacks. “We've got two weeks still to continue to prepare. How many teams in America are game ready after two weeks of practice? Probably not very many. We need to keep going and keep getting better.”

The Rutgers quarterback battle goes into the final week of camp unresolved, but Laviano's in-game experience provides key value, Ash said.

“At the end of the day, everyone says we have a quarterback concern,” Ash said. “Well, we do, but we do have a returning starting quarterback in the Big Ten. We'll see if he ends up being the starter.”


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