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Charles Snorweah Returns to RB Comfort Zone for Rutgers Football

PISCATAWAY, N.J. -- Charles Snorweah describes his flip flops between offense and defense as a freshman and staying focused during his time away from Rutgers football.

As a true freshman, Charles Snorweah wanted out of his comfort zone. A stellar high-school career as a running back at Fairless Hills (Pa.) Pennsbury made Snorweah hungry for different opportunities at Rutgers.

Concerned about his size and durability as a 5-foot-10, 174-pound tailback in the Big Ten, Snorweah requested and received a position change to cornerback. The move convinced Snorweah that running back is his true home.

“I feel great back at my normal position,” Snorweah said. “These are my roots. I'm more comfortable playing there. The running back position in general is just a natural position. I'm undersized for the position right now, especially in this conference, but it's more natural. It's what I like doing.”

One of coach Chris Ash's first personnel decisions before spring practice was a move back to tailback for Snorweah. They discussed the move before spring break.

“The way I felt about it, I went to DB because I felt like I was more in position to play there with my size and athletic ability,” Snorweah said. “I felt like I fit the role of a DB but when I actually started playing the position, it was uncomfortable. All we played was man, so it wasn't hard to get used to but it was still uncomfortable. I didn't feel like I could compete the way I can as a running back.”

Snorweah missed spring practice to get academics in order, but stayed active off the field. He looks at his summer return to the program as a “second chance.”

“When I was back home, I did lots of footwork drills, lots of cuts to stay on my feet,” Snorweah said. “I worked on the technical parts of the position. … Drill wise and working on my craft, I was there ready to go. I wanted to get back. I wanted to compete.”

Snorweah is back in the mix now at running back, working with the second and third units during camp. He also took reps at wide receiver during certain portions of practice. He is not one of the first four in the rotation as camp reaches its conclusion, but Snorweah is ready to step up if asked, he said.

“We all bring something different to the table,” Snorweah said. “We all have a good mixture of backs that bring something different each time we cycle in a new guy.”

The size concerns remain, but a chance in offensive philosophy made Snorweah more confident in his fit.

“First of all, this new offense is a speed offense.,” he said. “I feel like having a quick back in there like me, I bring a lot to the table. I can get to the outside and hit the holes quick. That's what our offense is all about – speed.”

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