Watch Chris Ash Post Game Press Conference after Rutgers Loss to Washington

SEATTLE -- Rutgers coach Chris Ash spoke to the media after a 48-13 loss in his coaching debut.

Rutgers Head Coach Chris Ash


Opening Statement

Obviously wasn’t the outcome that we wanted coming out here to Washington playing a very good football team. We knew we were going to have to play a really good football game, we were going to have to play mistake-free, did not do not that obviously in a lot of areas. We have a lot of work to do.  I liked the fact that our players had a positive attitude throughout the game, continued to fight.  I thought that once we got outside the first quarter we played fairly good football except on special teams.  Defensively, I thought we were playing really well the last few quarters of the game but obviously disappointed in the outcome and some of the mistakes that were made, especially on special teams.  We’ve invested a lot of time on it.  We’ve gotta go back and just continue to coach those things up and make sure everyone’s on the same page with what they’re supposed to do.  But again the attitude of the team in the locker room is outstanding.  These guys are going to come back and continue to work and excited about this group of young men and what they bring to the table.  But disappointed in the outcome here this afternoon.


The three first quarter touchdowns looked very similar to us. Was it just breakdown in coverage?

No it’s not a breakdown, they’re fast.  First one, they motioned a wide receiver and put a wideout in the back field, motioned out.  We were in a certain call where Andre Hunt had to go out and cover him and the guy was fast, outran him. Isaiah Wharton had a deep ball that was thrown on him and again he just got outran.  And then we had one on Saquan Hampton.  So tonight just press, one of them came on press, another came on a safety and one came on a linebacker.


How would you evaluate Chris Laviano’s play today?

There was some good and bads.  I thought he probably took too many risks sometimes with the ball.  I thought he did some good things though especially in the second half.  We were moving the ball offensively, got a little rhythm going.  Got a little more comfortable with some of the short quick passes that he was completing.  To sit here and I could give him an overall grade or anything like that, I couldn’t right now today.  But I thought he stood in there and we struggled to protect the quarterback, in the first quarter especially.  He took some shots, had to get rid of the ball earlier than we would have wanted him too because of pressure but I thought he kept battling and did some good things as they game went on.


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