Monday Practice Report: Rutgers Adds WR Ahmir Mitchell

PISCATAWAY, N.J. -- Rutgers coach Chris Ash went in-depth on the addition of former four-star receiver Ahmir Mitchell during his Monday press briefing during Howard game week.

The Headline – For anyone worried about linebacker depth in 2016, wide receiver goes into 2017 in the exact same situation. The depth improves tomorrow in the wide receiver room when Michigan transfer Ahmir Mitchell begins classes at Rutgers.

Mitchell announced his Rutgers commitment Friday afternoon, and received a positive endorsement Monday from head coach Chris Ash.

“He's a receiver, and as you guys know, our depth chart, we're going to lose a lot of receivers when this year is over,” Ash said. “I think he's a talented receiver that hopefully will be able to give us a playmaker next year when we're going to need it with these guys departing.”

Mitchell left Michigan under less-than-ideal circumstances after a suspension for undisclosed reasons. Ash spoke confidently about his trust in Mitchell, and referenced a relationship that goes back to recruiting older brother Damon Mitchell at Arkansas.

“I've known his family for a long time,” Ash said. “I recruited his brother at Wisconsin and actually signed his brother at Arkansas, so I've known the family for a long time, known Ahmir for a long time. To get into speculation about what happened at Michigan, I'm not going to do that, and to say that we're taking a risk on a character, that's not fair to say for the kid, and that's not something I'm going to comment on here. But I can tell you, any player that we bring into the program, whether it's out of high school, junior college, prep school or transfer, we're going to do our homework on. We're going to talk to everybody we need to talk to to feel comfortable about his ability to fit into our culture and do the things we want him to do.

“Is everybody going to be perfect? No, they're not; I don't care where you come from. But we're going to do our homework and do our due diligence to make sure we're bringing in the right type of people into our program.”

Worth Noting – Maturity and a smooth transition from Erial (N.J.) Timber Creek High earned linebacker Tyreek Williams playing time as a true freshman.

“Just a lot of athleticism,” said defensive coordinator Jay Niemann. “He runs well. He changes direction well. For a young guy he's picking up on the game of football well at the college level and transitioning smoothly from high school, mature enough to handle the things that he's being asked to do.”

Quote of the Day – “We don't take any team lightly. I'm not trying to bring up old memories, but we've seen really good football teams lose to really good FCS teams in the past — the most famous one being in our conference. But no, so we treat it like every other — fill game plan. Some people ask if we look ahead — absolutely not. To avoid all kinds of disaster you can not only do that, you treat them as we're playing the Green Bay Packers this week." – Offensive coordinator Drew Mehringer on Howard game week.


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