Backup Quarterback Reps & Practice with Giovanni Rescigno, Zach Allen

PISCATAWAY, N.J. -- Did quarterback reps change for Rutgers in practice this week after Chris Laviano's struggles? Scarlet Report talked to the next two men in about preparation for Iowa – Giovanni Rescigno and Zach Allen.

The reps in practice may not be different from last week, but multiple backup quarterbacks are ready if called upon.

Rutgers worked starter Chris Laviano in the majority of first-team action Tuesday. But after accuracy and mobility issues against New Mexico, Rutgers showed a willingness to sit Laviano when necessary. Should it happen again, both Giovanni Rescigno and Zach Allen both sit hungry for another chance.

“I think that's how a backup quarterback or a quarterback competition works every week.” Allen said. “You go out there and you give it your all every week and if your name is called, then you go out there and perform for your team, for everything, for Rutgers and do what you can.”

Allen, who replaced Laviano for one series against New Mexico that ended in a field goal, took the same amount of practice work this week.

“It's still about the same, Laviano takes all the ones, I take the majority of the twos,” Allen said. “It mixes up every day. You don't really know what's going to happen but when you do take the reps, you just have to be 100 percent and go through your reads and do everything right. The more you do that, the more prepared you'll be if your name is called.”

The sophomore Rescigno did not play after his last touch as a Scarlet Knight went for a powerful touchdown run. Growing up in Big Ten country, Rescigno prepares for an opportunity against Iowa.

“I think we're putting everything together,” he said. “We're right there. I think we've improved every game. That's really important. Through every game we're getting better in practice. We have to keep improving, keep practicing hard and making sure we give a lot of effort.”

Regardless of the starter, backup or practice reps, the quarterback room is a close one. Head coach Chris Ash explained the relationship's growth during summer workouts. They are even closer in season mode, Rescigno said.

“I've never been this close to a group of guys like we are,” he said. “We hang out with each other. We talk with each other. We mess around. We're really close. We're a really good group of friends. We have each other's back. Competition is part of it. I don't know where else competition wouldn't be a part of it. We all love to compete and that's a great thing because we push each other to get better and better.”


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