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Welcome to the world of Big Time College Athletics Texas Style or should I say Baylor Style.


Baylor has hired Scott Drew of Valpariso to be the new Head Men's Basketball Coach and lead the program back to sanity. Well what is sanity?


Since this story broke there is nothing with any link to reality coming out of Wacko Waco. The President of the Baylor implies that all of the conference members are behind him 100 percent and want Baylor to play ball this year. Doesn't he realize that this program is totally out of control and is involved with an NCAA investigation for several violations?


You have the unfortunate death of Pat Dennehy , with a former team mate charged with pulling the trigger. You have a former head coach who confessed to being involved in illegal payments of tuition for athletes. There are alleged secondary violations and an alleged attempt at a cover-up. Baby this program is in a shambles and is an example of everything that can go wrong in college sports.


So what do you do if you are the President?


Do you take the high road and sit back for a year or so while regrouping? You get a fact-finding committee to put in safe guards so this doesn't happen again. You bring in outside help to reorganize your athletic department and thus tighten the reigns.


Do you go for the bucks and just put a team on the floor so you can tap into the television contract and put behinds in the seats and dollars in the register? Everyone knows that the lifeblood of college athletic is the television contract and money garnered from fat cat alums for having teams with winning records.


Well, the President of Baylor goes with option money, put a team on the floor and we'll be fine because there will be more money in our pockets.


Maybe the Board of Trustees should say that the next person to leave Baylor should be the President because this all happened under his watchful eye while the cash register kept ringing green.



Mike and the Big Dog LLC.

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