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10 in 10: No. 2 Ohio State Dominates Rutgers

No. 2 Ohio State blew out and embarrassed Rutgers, but it wasn't all bad for the struggling Scarlet Knights. Scarlet Report looks deeper into the 58-0 catastrophe with a few positives and the not-so-noticeable moments against Ohio State.

1. Talent Gap – It won't look like it based on the final score, but Rutgers did a lot of good in this game. Rutgers came prepared on both offense and defense but massively superior talent beats out a good game plan often. Quarterback Chris Laviano made better decisions and the incompletion to Andre Patton was one of his better throws this season.

2. Too Much Pressure – Laviano made a few plays but things unraveled as defensive coordinator Greg Schiano got his players in place. OSU put more in the box to slow down a surging Robert Martin and there was to much pressure for Laviano to find comfort. Laviano didn't handle the pressure well, nor did he make decisions quickly enough against an elite defensive secondary. One positive for Laviano – turnover free football. Ohio State is one of the most dangerous turnover teams in college football, but Rutgers did not become the latest victim in that aspect. Turnover-free football is good for Laviano, but not if it means a fear to take risks.

3. Targeted Attack – Ohio State singled out Blessuan Austin early. Although Austin made a few big plays, including the tipped pass on Anthony Cioffi's interception, JT Barrett got the better of him. Cornerback Isaiah Wharton covered well when challenged, including two breakups on a forced field goal. Free safety Kiy Hester improved his consistency against the run while Cioffi struggled outside of his early heads-up pick.

4. Smothered – Ohio State's coverage units on special teams are insanely talented. Think about it. This is a four- and five-star packed kickoff team, so of course new return man Josh Hicks hit brick wall after brick wall with just 12.8 yards per return.

5. The Charismatic Enigma – The adventures of Kemoko Turay continued against Ohio State. Turay flashed his dynamic athleticism but never quite got it done. Barrett's first of many touchdowns came after he broke a tackle on Turay's pass rush. For the second straight week, Rutgers coach Chris Ash appeared to use a timeout because Turay was out of position. The good news for Turay is that he remained a part of the third-down rotation after that timeout.

6. Oden's Development – Why was Rutgers so hesitant to throw with Tylin Oden? You saw on second and third down of his first drive. Oden, similarly to starter Laviano, held the ball too long against Ohio State's pass rush. On third down, Oden's throw was not a pretty sight, nor was it accurate. Rutgers coaches handled the quarterback reps well against Ohio State – develop Oden in a low-pressure situation and make the most out of a blowout.

7. Ready, Willing and Able – The injury to Greg Jones was scary, but backup freshman Tyreek Williams was ready to go. Sure, Ohio State blocked him well, but Williams was prepared. The Timber Creek product was rarely out of position and finished with a team-high 11 tackles.

8. Wharton and Peace – Wharton brought his A-game to the coverage unit. Ohio State did not test him often, but when it did, Wharton won more battles than he lost. Wharton broke up three should-be completions from Barrett and only surrendered two catches in press man coverage. With a lot of help from Wharton, top Ohio State receiver Noah Brown was not a major factor with just one catch for 15 yards.

9. Developing Depth – With what looked like a serious knee injury for left tackle Tariq Cole, this is where the early offensive line rotation from AJ Blazek helps. Backup Zack Heeman has enough in-game experience to fill in, and Rutgers also got more reps for red-shirt freshman Jonah Jackson as an interior offensive lineman.

10. Hard Hands – Even on the rare opportunity that a quarterback hit an open receiver in stride, drops let them down. Andre Patton and Matt Flanagan both dropped passes that should have been first downs. As little as Oden's stat line impressed – 0-for-4 with a sack – he threw two perfect balls that were dropped.

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