Wednesday Practice Report: Turay's Role & Rutgers Defensive Line vs Michigan

PISCATAWAY, N.J. -- For the latest on Kemoko Turay's role in the Rutgers defense and production on the defensive line, hear from position coach Shane Burnham in today's practice report.

The Headline – The player best known for his field goal block the last time Michigan visited Rutgers needs more time before defensive line coach Shane Burnham feels comfortable with him in the rotation.

Junior Kemoko Turay played sparingly in losses to Iowa and Ohio State. He likely takes on the limited role against Michigan.

“It's just about sustained effort and attitude,” Burnham said. “We see it every day, building trust. The last couple of weeks we've played him, there's been some mental [errors] which you might expect with a guy trying to catch up on all of the defense installed. Last week on that first touchdown, he's got the quarterback in his grasp and lets him go.”

Turay missed spring and most of summer after multiple shoulder surgeries. His biggest adjustments have to come in scheme knowledge.

“You see flashes when he is showing up and does the right thing,” Burnham said. “You can't give him the entire defense like the rest of these kids have had. … What does he know and when can you get him on the field based on his knowledge of the scheme? Some of it's earning trust through his performance and some of it is knowing what can he handle mentally.”

Burnham added that he wants Turay involved on the field goal unit when he is further along in development.

Worth NotingDarius Hamilton remains slowed from his injury after the cut block against Iowa, Burnham said.

He's still affected by it, if I'm being honest with you,” Burnham said. “There's still a hitch in his giddy-up. He's an old guy, so he does a pretty good job rehabbing and staying in the training room. I think it still affects him. Last week, he probably tweaked it a little bit and didn't play as much in the second half after that happened.”

Quote of the Day – “You get a lot of people are there. It's not like people are sleeping. You get a lot of people to come out.” – Safety Anthony Cioffi on night games.

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