Watch Corey Sanders Dominate Dunk Contest at Rutgers Midknight Madness

PISCATAWAY, N.J. -- Rutgers star guard Corey Sanders won Friday night's dunk contest with a perfect 50 from the judges. Sanders beat junior Nigel Johnson in the finals with a special assist from the Scarlet Knight.

Credit Corey Sanders with the incredible athletic dunk that won Friday night's dunk contest, but two assists go out. Sanders gave one assist to a teammate and the other to his mascot.

Sanders' contest-winning dunk, scored 50 by a judge's panel that included C. Vivian Stringer and Pat Hobbs, ended with a leap over the Scarlet Knight. The idea came from freshman Matt Bullock moments before he threw down the dunk. He beat Nigel Johnson in the final round.

"Nigel came out the gates with a between-the-legs so I was kind of shaky," Sanders said. "I knew that if I jumped over somebody, it was going to be really good. The Scarlet Knight was over there. It was Matt Bullock, who told me to jump over the Scarlet Knight so shoutout to Matt for that. It was a good time for us to come out and have fun with the fans."

Bullock finished in the three-point contest, and enjoyed his debut in front of the fans. He was happy to share his idea with Sanders to win the dunk contest.

"It was a last-minute thing and I just gave it to him as an idea," Bullock said. "If I was in there, that's what I would have done. He nailed it. It was precise."

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