Giovanni Rescigno Takes Rutgers Starting Quarterback Position

PISCATAWAY, N.J. -- Rutgers has a new starting quarterback in Giovanni Rescigno. When Rescigno played against Illinois, it felt different, explains coach Chris Ash.

The Headline – The open quarterback competition was a quick one at Rutgers. Instead of a week's worth of reps and on-field research, Rutgers went with its gut Monday morning with Giovanni Rescigno.

Coaches Chris Ash and Drew Mehringer felt different with Rescigno in charge of the offense. That feeling drove a quick decision at the position.

“On Saturday in the second half, it was different,” Ash said. “It just felt different. It didn't necessarily mean that we went out and scored a bunch of points but we moved the ball. He made some exciting plays with his feet. He threw the ball well at times. There was just a different energy on offense, different energy on the sidelines.”

Rescigno practice as the starter for the first time on Sunday with a fresh juice at the position.

“I wanted to be able to give the offense the piece of mind that they're going to know who the quarterback is going to be,” Ash said. “We want to be able to get him the reps that he needs to be able to prepare the right way to go out and try to win on Saturday.”

Chris Laviano's starting streak ends at 18 games, but Ash wants him ready as a backup if duty calls.

“This is not blaming anybody at all,” Ash said. “Chris has done everything that he has been asked to do. He's changed his attitude. He's changed his work ethic, his commitment to the football team has been sky high. He's provided a tremendous leadership for the other members of the offense. He will continue to get reps at quarterback in practice. He will be on call if needed.”

No quarterbacks were available for comment during Rutgers' Monday media session.

Worth Noting – Running back Josh Hicks did not play because of a lack of practice, Ash said. Hicks missed multiple practices during the week, and had not repped at running back in almost two weeks.

Quote of the Day – “I'll credit Gio on what his preparation has been. When we talked to him, talking to him at halftime, I said 'Gio let's have a tough conversation right here. What are you comfortable with?' He said, 'Coach, call it all.' I said, 'no, let's be real clear about what that means.' He said, 'no Coach, I'm good.' We went quickly through the call sheet and he spit it all out and he knew what to do with the ball and where to go. That's a credit to him  and his preparation. He's a great note taker. He asks a lot of questions. He's got some game experience now." -- Mehringer.


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