Tuesday Practice Report: Ball Security, Hicks Back with RBs

PISCATAWAY, N.J. -- Rutgers running backs coach Zak Kuhr offered his take on playing time for junior Josh Hicks and how the offense responds after massive ball security issues against Illinois. Are new formations coming?

The Headline – Junior Josh Hicks is back on offense for Rutgers, but the running back still has to earn on-field opportunities in the eyes of his position coach.

“Everything we do, you've got to earn that,” said running backs coach Zak Kuhr. “It's not just given. He's got to earn that, but there's a package for him.”

Hicks is off to the right start in practice.

“He's been fine,” Kuhr said. “He's been locked in, focused. He's had a good attitude.”

After two running backs lost fumbles against Illinois, ball security became the focus in practice yet again.

“Enforce it, rep it, let there be consequences if it's not perfect,” Kuhr said on ball security. “... Pushups, up-downs, night reminders, stuff like that.”

Worth Noting – Look for formations with multiple running backs coming soon.

We're definitely looking to add it,” Kuhr said. “We're going to test it out, see how it looks. … We've got three or four guys that are making plays. Trey Sneed is coming along really well. He's adding value a lot. Some other guys at some other positions are banged up, so we've got to make up for that with the depth that we have.”

Quote of the Day – “[I was] a little surprised but when you want the team to succeed, sometimes you have to sacrifice and make decisions in order for the team to move on and succeed down the road. It was a decision that had to be made from the head coach. As a player, we just have to roll with it. We just have to keep Gio [Rescigno's] spirit up and go out there and let him know that he can do the job and get it done.” – Senior receiver Andre Patton on a quarterback change.

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