Rutgers Fans Get Sports Illustrated with New Annual Subscription Membership

You now get 50 issues of Sports Illustrated (print & digital) with a new annual pass to Scarlet Report. Already a member? You can get in on this royal deal, too.

Today Scarlet Report has another exciting announcement for all Rutgers fans!

As you know, over the past year, Scarlet  Report has been working to make your Premium Membership an even better deal. In addition to the latest Rutgers scoops and premium content from around the network, we’ve added 10 percent discounts from our ticket store and similar discounts on all gear from Fanatics.

But we’re not done! Starting today, new annual Scarlet Report memberships now include a 1-Year Print + Digital subscription to Sports Illustrated Magazine (a $39.00 Value)!

Here is how to get this new benefit:

  • Not a member yet? You just need to purchase the annual membership, fill out your shipping address, and you will be set to go!

  • Already a member? Current members can upgrade today by going to our membership page and purchasing the Annual option. You will instantly be upgraded to an Annual Membership and qualify for the offer.

Please note that this new benefit is for ANNUAL MEMBERSHIPS ONLY, and not valid outside the United States.

We hope you enjoy this new Premium Member benefit and JOIN THE HUNT TODAY.

Scarlet Report, SI Deal FAQs

Q: When will members receive their first issue of the Sports Illustrated magazine?

A: Members will be asked to allow 2-6 weeks in order to receive their first issue, however it will likely arrive within 2-3 weeks after their sign-up/purchase has been successfully billed.

Q: How many printed issues will the members receive with an Annual Membership Purchase?

A: They will receive a 1 year subscription to Sports Illustrated Magazine, which will include 50 issues of the SI Magazine.

Q: Is this offer available for customers who would like to sign up outside of the United States?

A: No, this offer will only be available for members who have a United States delivery address.

Q: Does this offer include the Print & Digital subscription from Sports Illustrated?

A:  Yes, they will receive both the print & digital subscriptions to the Sports Illustrated Magazine.

Q: What if a current paid member (any term) would also like to receive the magazine?

A: If a current paid premium member would like to receive the Sports Illustrated Magazine, they simply just need to upgrade to an Annual Subscription (Monthly or 3-6 Month), or purchase a new Annual subscription (Current Annual) via the website or by calling Member Services (1-888-501-5752):

  • Monthly Members – Upgrade to Annual Membership

  • 3-6 Month Members – Upgrade to Annual Membership

  • Annual Members – Renew their subscription early, purchase a new Annual Membership.


Q: Who does the member contact in order to update/change their address or in the event they haven’t received their magazine?

A: They should contact Sports Illustrated directly at:

Q: Sports Illustrated includes a Jacket and a T-Shirt with their offer if you sign up on their website….will these also be included with Scout?

A: No, Sports Illustrated will not be including any premiums as customers will be receiving an Annual (Scout) Premium Membership in addition to the Sports Illustrated Magazine.

Q: What if a current Sports Illustrated subscriber (who subscribed directly through SI) purchases an Annual Membership that includes the Sports Illustrated Magazine?

A: Sports Illustrated will extend their current subscription and add an additional year of Sports Illustrated Magazine.

Q: What if a customer signs up for an Annual Membership and doesn’t want to receive the Sports Illustrated Magazine?

A: If they only want the online premium membership and do not want to receive the magazine, please have them email and they will not receive the magazine

Note: The Sports Illustrated Magazine is included in the Annual Membership Pass bundle, a discount or credit will not be provided to a member who opts not to receive the magazine.

Q: Can this offer be given as a gift? Or if a current Sports Illustrated subscriber would like to give the magazine as a gift to a friend or family member is that possible?

A: Yes, this offer can be given as a gift for new members and current Sports Illustrated subscribers, see instructions for sign up below:

New Gift Membership

  1. Go to

  2. Fill out all of the required fields.

  3. The purchaser will receive a receipt for their purchase, the recipient will be sent an email with instructions on how to access their online account and when they should expect to receive their first issue (2-6 weeks) within 24-48 hours.

Current SI Subscriber - Magazine as a Gift

  1. Purchase the Annual Membership to the site of your choice.

  2. When prompted to enter the Shipping Address, please insert the gift recipient's shipping information.

  3. The magazine will be delivered to the shipping address on file.

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