War Games: Rutgers at Minnesota

Before Rutgers kicks off against Minnesota, take a look at the best commentary and analysis of the week straight from the Scarlet Knights.

Rutgers coach Chris Ash – “I think a lot of [our improvement in the passing game] has to do with the style of defense that we faced. We weren’t facing Ohio State’s press corners, we weren’t facing Michigan’s press corners. We were playing corners that pressed and played some off and we took advantage of it.”

Rutgers offensive coordinator Drew Mehringer – “For Gio, he’s had some time to learn. He’s watched mistakes. He’s seen the film. He’s watched when people have gone in front of him. I think he is a little more comfortable. He’s made a tremendous amount of improvement and I think it’s going to continue to grow and get better and we’ll see where his ceiling is at some point. I don’t know if he reached it yet, but he’s doing really well right now.”

Rutgers defensive coordinator Jay Niemann – “I think they're going to do what they do. [Minnesota has] big, strong guys up front on the offensive line, a really, really big tight end – they list him at like 6-foot-10. Literally 6-foot-10. It sounds like a post-forward or a center or something I guess.”

Rutgers receivers coach Jafar Williams – “You just have to continue to work on technique and can’t panic, you can’t let your guys see you panic. But that’s something that we just got to continue to improve on, because we’re going to get press (coverage) at some point during the season.”

Rutgers running backs coach Zak Kuhr “Trey Sneed is coming along really well. He's adding value a lot. Some other guys at some other positions are banged up, so we've got to make up for that with the depth that we have.”

Rutgers cornerbacks coach Aaron Henry“I can tell you this, they are going to be ready on Saturday. I think that's what it boils down to. Obviously, it's preparation throughout the week, but you have to constantly ask yourself, even as a coach, is my group ready on Saturday? I just try to prepare my guys for that week in and week out.”

Sophomore quarterback Giovanni Rescigno – “Whenever coach wants me to go in, I’m ready to go in. That’s just the mentality I have to have as a quarterback, as someone as a leader of the team. That’s just the mentality I want to have because I want to be prepared. So every week, I prepare like I’m going to be the starter.”

Senior receiver Andre Patton – “[Rescigno] is here where he’s at now because his work ethic, because of how hard he has worked in the offseason and still going into the season. He still worked hard on the scout team and he made his way up.”

Junior left guard Dorian Miller – “[Rescigno should not] try to be a superhero and don’t try to do things that don’t play outside of himself — that’s the main thing. Just make the right plays, make the right reads. … He doesn’t need to go out there and he doesn’t need to be Cam Newton in his first game or (Johnny) Manziel. Just follow the offense, take the coaching and he’ll be good.”

Sophomore safety Saquan Hampton“It's good to be back. It's been a long process getting healthy. I'm obviously excited to be back. … There's a little bit of rust I had to shake off. Just not being out there, getting the speed of the game, but everything should be fine.”

Junior defensive end Myles Nash – “Our coaches, they've done everything they need to do – preparing us, getting our bodies right, making sure we're eating right, making sure we're training the right way. It's not on our coaches. You can't say anything about our coaches. At the end of the day, it's the product you're putting out there. It's the players. That falls back on us.”

Sophomore lineman Marcus Applefield“When it comes to up front, I think we can dominate up front [against Minnesota]. I think we can get the ball rolling very similar to Illinois and how we get the ball rolling. We just need to keep the turnovers to very minimal, hopefully none at all.”

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