Improving OT Samuel Vretman Prepares for Early Enrollment at Rutgers

For a look at one of Rutgers' projected early additions inn the 2017 recruiting class, Scarlet Report spoke with Cheshire (Conn.) Academy head coach David Dykeman about the No. 10 tackle in the East -- Samuel Vretman.

The improvement from junior to senior season was clear for Cheshire (Conn.) Academy three-star offensive lineman Samuel Vretman.

Still learning the game, Vretman's 6-foot-6, 295-pound frame should be in line for even more improvement when he enrolls early at Rutgers, said his head coach.

He's had an unbelievable year for us,” said Cheshire Academy head coach David Dykeman. “He's been dominant on the o-line. He's been playing left tackle all year and he's done a great job for us. He's really progressed a lot, very quickly. I think he's going to be very special.”

Vretman spent the summer in his home country of Sweden before he returned as a smarter football player as a senior.

I think it's just [improving] his overall understanding, his ability to understand technique,” Dykeman said. “The first year-and-a-half is probably just brute strength. Now [he is] understanding and playing better with leverage. We're asking him to do more. We're moving him, pulling him, asking him to do more stuff. He's progressed unbelievably.”

Vretman officially visits Rutgers in December, and is ready to enroll early for January classes and winter workouts.

"[I'm] very excited," Vretman said. "[I'm] ready to come in and make an impact directly."

Vretman built enough maturity as a Swedish boarding student in Connecticut. The jump from Cheshire Academy to Rutgers will not overwhelm him.

I think he's very well prepared academically,” Dykeman said. “We have a challenging curriculum. He's been away from home now, done a lot of that stuff. The strength and conditioning program, I'm sure, is a big benefit.”

Rutgers did not take Vretman's early commitment for granted. The staff remains in communication and good standing with Cheshire Academy.

I think it's a great staff,” Dykeman said. “I think the world of [special teams coordinator] Vince Okruch. He's awesome in recruiting. [Rutgers] is a great place. This game's not easy. Everybody's been good and everyone has been bad. I have no reservations at all. That staff is doing a great job. From the minute they got there, they were nothing but professional.”

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