Bye Week Practice Report: No Excuses for Rutgers Special Teams

PISCATAWAY, N.J. -- Rutgers special teams coordinator Vince Okruch's unit is under fire after another game filled with execution issues. Okruch discusses the kicking-game concerns, and says there are no excuses in Chris Ash's program.

The Headline – Special teams let Rutgers down in Saturday's two-point road loss at Minnesota. For coordinator Vince Okruch, there are no excuses.

“When the foot hits the ball, we're having issues,” Okruch said. “Let me make this perfectly clear. I could give you reasons. I could give you a lot of scheme stuff but those are all excuses. In Chris Ash's program, there are no excuses.”

Special teams remained a focus in the bye week for Rutgers after a kick return touchdown turned the tides against the Scarlet Knights in the loss at Minnesota.

“It's never going to be, 'hey that guy is better than my guy,'” Okruch said. “No. That won't fly here because there's not that much difference. Anybody who wants to say it's a talent issue, we're not buying that. We will work harder. We will create more practice opportunities where time allows. We'll just keep grinding. That's all we know to do to make it better.”

Worth Noting – While the bye week represents an opportunity for new starter Giovanni Rescigno to heal his hamstring, it does not slow down his growth within the offense.

We've got to manage him,” said offensive coordinator Drew Mehringer. “There's no reason to go ahead and stretch him out right now. We've been particular about getting his reps and what reps those might be.”

Quote of the Day – “There's not going to be an excuse. There's not going to be an acceptance of the performance. We're just going to keep grinding until we get it right.” – Okruch.

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