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Rutgers Scoutcast 35 - Anthony Ashnault, Nick Gravina and the 2006 Rutgers Football Team

Welcome to the Rutgers Scoutcast, a Scarlet Knights podcast available free on the Scout Network. This week, we go 1-on-1 with wrestlers Anthony Ashnault and Nick Gravina to begin a season where the Scarlet Knights rank No. 12 in the nation and 6 in the Big Ten. With Saturday's ceremonies up next, Sam Hellman and Brian Dohn reflect upon the 2006 Rutgers football season.

The Rutgers Scoutcast is a weekly podcast for Rutgers fans of all varieties. In our latest episode, we jump into the wrestling conversation as the Battle at the Birthplace approaches. The Rutgers Scoutcast sits down with two of the program's top wrestlers in two-time All-American Anthony Ashnault and returning NCAA qualifier Nick Gravina. After our interviews, Sam Hellman and Brian Dohn reflect upon the 2006 Rutgers football season on the eve of kickoff against Indiana, where the program honors the team.



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0:00 - Open

11:05 - Anthony Ashnault Interview

19:45 - Nick Gravina Interview

25:15 - The 2006 Season

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