Giovanni Rescigno's Toughness at Quarterback Not Enough for Rutgers Offense in Loss No. 7

PISCATAWAY, N.J. -- Giovanni Rescigno's toughness as Rutgers starting quarterback impressed his teammates and coaches in the first home start for the red-shirt sophomore.

Toughness is contagious, and what quarterback Giovanni Rescigno showed in his home debut has his teammates' attention.

Between a shaky hamstring and a day full of big hits, Rescigno never stayed down for long. Even with the game likely out of reach, Rescigno's offense kept fighting on an 83-yard field goal drive with no timeouts.

He's tough, and with a QB, that's the person that drives the whole offense,” said senior receiver Andre Patton after six catches and 91 yards. “You want someone who can take a hit here and there, because he's also got the feet to be able to run the ball.”

Rescigno took a huge shot on the 68-yard touchdown pass to Patton. It became a theme in what will be a sore Sunday morning for the pride of Warren, Mich.

For some of those ones that he stood in there and threw the ball, I was pretty proud of him,” said offensive coordinator Drew Mehringer. “He gets up, obviously you're a little bit of a sigh of relief. There's opportunities where we could have picked up pressures that we didn't and it would have taken some of that stuff off. He had some times that he pulled it down and scrambled, which were good.”

In his first home start, Rescigno received the loudest pop from the fan base during introductions. It was a far-from-perfect day with another turnover and 1-for-16 rate on third downs.

Rescigno finishes with 258 yards, a 53 percent completion clip and touchdowns on the ground and through the air.

I thought we played our butts off,” Rescigno said. “It's kind of upsetting for the seniors. I kind of wanted to win the next couple of games and get them bowl eligible. It's kind of upsetting for the seniors but I'm really proud of the guys. They played really, really hard, and we almost got it.”

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