10 in 10: Rutgers Suffers Shutout

PISCATAWAY, N.J. -- Scarlet Report takes a deeper look at the shutout loss to Penn State, and where Rutgers goes next with one game left before the offseason.

1. Capitalize – Penn State gave Rutgers way too many opportunities that resulted in zero success. Whether it was nerves or Penn State looking ahead to Michigan State, there were plenty of points up for the taking. In the first half alone, Rutgers dropped two interceptions, took itself out of field-goal range on a fumble recovery and went three-and-out after a fourth-down stop in the red zone.

2. Credit Where Credit's Due – Give how badly Rutgers lost the field position war, the Rutgers defense deserves a ton of praise for the four times it forced field goals against Penn State. That defense came to play, and the game plan was solid.

3. Oden's Arm – The lack of passing opportunities is a hot topic regarding freshman Tylin Oden and his status. So why doesn't Drew Mehringer attempt more passes with him? Well first, take a look at his Michigan State film and the accuracy issues on easy throws. Second – the weather. If starter Giovanni Rescigno could not throw in that wind, then Oden wasn't getting a shot either.

4. White Out – About 100 Penn State fans swarmed the abandoned student section to taunt Rutgers by the end of the game. Bad job by the event staff that let them through, but good job by whomever made the phone call to get them out quickly before it became a problem.

5. Life Decisions – Four scholarship players with remaining eligibility are off the books for Rutgers heading into next year. As a part of senior day, Rutgers said goodbye to tight end Matt Flanagan, wide receiver John Tsimis, running back Devan Carter and linebacker Andre Hunt. All but Carter started in games during their time at Rutgers.

6. Russell's Reps – When SAM linebacker Tyreek Williams went down with an injury, it became Brandon Russell's first real look at the position. Talib Abdur-Ra'Oof, Ross Taylor-Douglas and Ronnie James also spent time as backup SAM linebackers after Najee Clayton's departure.

7. Off the Bench – In tracking opportunities, Kemoko Turay played six snaps, including a stand-up blitz that forced a Penn State field goal. Junior running back Robert Martin ran just two times for five yards after a week of work with the first and second teams.

8. Bailey Balls – Rutgers made more of an effort to get true freshman Dacoven Bailey on the field and in action. He technically started the game as the lone receiver on the first snap from scrimmage.

9. Power Blockers – Penn State receivers blocked extremely well in space for some of the Nittany Lions' biggest offensive plays. Rutgers freshman linebacker Tyreek Williams had a tough time against PSU's skill players

10. Blind Side – Strong pass protection by left tackle Tariq Cole were a common theme on Rescigno's biggest throws of the night, including a step-forward strike to Jay Harris on the only first down pass of the half.

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