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Wednesday Practice Report: Receiver John Tsimis Chooses Education First

PISCATAWAY, N.J. -- Receiver John Tsimis explains why he won't play for Rutgers next season, and defensive end Darnell Davis Jr. offers unique insight into the final days of the 2016 season.

The HeadlineJohn Tsimis picked Rutgers for academic reasons first, and he leaves the football program with the same mindset.

Tsimis, who will not use his final year of eligibility at Rutgers, needs seven more classes before he graduates with a finance degree from the business school. A challenging curriculum at Rutgers, Tsimis does not want football as a spring distraction.

“It's a lot of work,” Tsimis said. “I'm the only person on the team right now that's in the business school. Since I've been here, there's only been like two or three other people. You're on your own a lot. We don't have a lot of tutors for it just because a lot of people don't do it. It's definitely a lot of work but it's worth it.”

Tsimis sent a thank you specifically to former defensive end David Milewski for help with the grind.

“Dave Milewski helped me a lot,” Tsimis said. “Even after he left, he tutored me all the time. He always took time out of his day when he didn't have to, and he'd stay there for as long as I needed. He definitely helped me a lot and I appreciate that. It's been a great experience overall. One of the reasons I came here, it was a great school. I knew I wanted to be in the business school. It's been tough but hopefully it gives me a lot of opportunities.”

Physically beat up, Tsimis said he is “undecided” on a final year of football elsewhere.

“We'll see how it goes,” Tsimis said. “I've been pretty beat up this season. I'm just focused on academics right now.”

Worth Noting – Rutgers was locked in at practice this week despite no bowl game in sight win or lose.

Guys are still going hard,” said defensive end Darnell Davis Jr. “Guys are still believing in the program, the culture. We're still listening to everything they have to say. We're still locked in regardless of the record. We're still focused on getting a win.”

Quote of the Day – “It's crucial to a team's future success. If you don't recruit the right way, if you don't bring the right guys in at this position on that island out there. Obviously we're in the Big Ten. Obviously teams like to take shots, they're going to throw the ball down the field. You've got to find kids that are confident. You've got to find kids that love being in that kind of position where it's you versus them and they don't want a ball completed on them. It's hard to find those kinds of kids because everybody is after them. With our record, it's even harder. I think going after those kind of kids and letting them know you've got a chance to come in here and play, you've got a chance to come in here and be coached up by some guys who have done it. Ultimately you have a chance to come in here and help us win games at the end of the day.” -- Cornerbacks coach Aaron Henry on reloading at the position.

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