10 in 10: 2016 Ends with Rutgers Loss at Maryland, 2-10 Record

COLLEGE PARK, Md. -- The 10 in 10 takes a deeper look at the key moments and storylines from a 31-13 Rutgers loss that mercifully ends the 2016 season.

1. The Quarterback Game Giovanni Rescigno is clearly the best choice for the position as a leader, but his finish to the 2016 season leaves the battle wide open in spring and summer. This time, Rescigno's accuracy and pocket presence hurt drives but his receivers also let him down. Rutgers called multiple big plays that did not get executed. Credit Rescigno for keeping himself in the game after an apparent left shoulder injury on the final drive.

2. Changing the Culture – Rutgers brought in Chris Ash to overhaul a broken system, and that starts with attitude and work ethic. With that said, Rutgers has to find away for its most-talented athletes to get on the same page. The talent gap is clear, but the transition away from players like Robert Martin and Josh Hicks made an already-bad team even worse.

3. Dilapidated Linebackers – Down Tyreek Williams and limiting Trevor Morris, Rutgers went with first-time starters Brandon Russell and Eric Margolis. Speed became an issue early, and Margolis could not make a play in traffic on Maryland's first score and did not improve much after that.

4. Warrior Attitude – Morris is one of Rutgers' most-improved in-season players. His toughness is to be commended. Too sick to keep down his breakfast before the game, Morris replaced a struggling Margolis with a solid performance under the circumstances.

5. Not Enough Aggression – For a team with very little to lose, Rutgers was not ambitious enough on a consistent basis. The sack to end the first half and David Bonagura's badly missed field goal could have helped Rutgers stay in the game.

6. Good Call – Special teams was a mess for Rutgers yet again, but Rutgers made one savvy call during the game. With an offensive lineman back as a blocker, Rutgers kicked it directly to Sean Christie for almost no return yards.

7. Senior ContributionCarlton Agudosi got a small moment in his final collegiate football game. A reserve receiver this season, Agudosi converted a fourth and long with a 14-yard catch that set up Rutgers' touchdown.

8. Complete Tailbacks – Both Robert Martin and Justin Goodwin saved sacks with aggressive blitz pickups on Rescigno first-down passes. Unfortunately for Rutgers, Kamaal Seymour was not as successful against the pass rush.

9. Creative Opportunity – Rutgers used Kemoko Turay unconventionally, and Maryland was clearly not prepared for it. Defensive coordinator Jay Niemann stood up Turay on third downs. He attacked both the edge and A-gap within the package.

10. No Hogan – Without Jimmy Hogan at defensive end, Maryland-born Ron'Dell Carter joined the rotation with his first-career sack.

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