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Coach Continuity Gives Rutgers Recruiting Edge Under Chris Ash

Chris Ash's coaching comments Wednesday cannot be underestimated during the next two months of aggressive recruiting.

It may seem obvious or underwhelming to fans, but a comment Wednesday from Rutgers head coach Chris Ash gives him serious recruiting ammunition on the road.

During a 17-minute post-season teleconference, Ash spoke with conviction about his offseason hiring plans – he wants to make as few as possible.

Ash “absolutely” wants to keep his full-time staff in place.

Obviously in this profession, people come and go for different reasons but I like our staff. We've got a bunch of really good people that work extremely hard, coach extremely hard, have built connections and relationships with the players. To be able to have sustained success or build sustained success in any organization, it does take consistency and continuity and my wish is to be able to have that here at Rutgers.”

Four days after Ash defended offensive coordinator Drew Mehringer in College Park, Md., he spoke just as confidently in special teams coordiantor Vince Okruch.

Our special teams have not been very good,” Ash said. “I think it's a number of things. We invest insane amount into special teams and I've been doing this a long time. We spend as much meeting time, walkthrough time and practice time doing special teams than I have anywhere in my career. ...We've got to look at everything ... and identify ways to do it better or changes that need to be made. Special teams will be no different."

Ash hired his staff according to the frequently-referenced transition plan. He is just as staunchly behind the plan as ever.

I've got complete faith in our plan,” Ash said. “I've got complete faith in the people that we've surrounded ourselves with. The things that I've had to learn and adjust to is more about time management and how to handle all of the responsibilities that a head coach has to deal with.”

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