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For months Rutgers University men's basketball has been hot on the trail of Nigerian power forward/center, Abdullahi Kuso. The hint of Rutgers landing a Nigerian post player was first exposed during the Monday night weekly Gary Waters show over Christmas break. Allegedly, the staff was attempting to bring in this player for second semester of last year but it was not to be.


Waters and his staff did not relent in their efforts and continued to persevere.  As Kuso's name became more familiar to recruiters Rutgers was force to fend off several teams including Big East rival Boston College. Finally, all this hard work paid off and Abdullahi Kuso is here.


Several weeks ago Kuso cleared the Nigerian visa process and the West African Coalition, the office that conducts and monitors a standardized test that is needed to be eligible by NCAA regulations. During the first days of August he received his l20, international visa form. A major stumbling block in the process was the time needed to clear and obtain an American student visa, which came through earlier this past week.


Abdullahi is allegedly fully academically qualified. He allegedly scored well over 1000 on his SAT examination and has a high school degree. Kuso is said to be an excellent student and comes from a highly educated family.


Rutgers newest post player stands about 6'9" and goes about 220 pounds but his frame can easily carry more weight. He is said to be very athletic and has good post skills. He averaged a double, double this past year including 6 blocks per game.


When you see him play and judge his skills, remember that he is a first year Big East player who has never played high school ball in this country. Even fellow Nigerian and Connecticut star, Emeka Okafor, did not really start to glow until his sophomore year. Expect a double/double this year and you'll be disappointed because it most likely is not going to happen. Expect 6 or 7 points, 6 rebounds and a block or so and watch him grow as an inside force.


If all the hype is correct, expect a budding star to rise during his sophomore and junior seasons.



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