Rutgers Offers Specialist Tucker Day Unique Opportunity

What made this week's Rutgers offer to kicker Tucker Day so unique? The 2017 specialist from Brentwood (Tenn.) breaks it down with Scarlet Report.

Brentwood (Tenn.) 2017 kicker Tucker Day has acting experience in his background, so the chance to play multiple roles in college is a welcome one.

Fresh off two visits and a scholarship offer from Rutgers special teams coach Vince Okruch, Day has an opportunity to be a punter, kicker and kickoff specialist at the Big Ten level.

Coach Okruch gave me an offer that I haven't really seen before,” Day said. “He wants me to fill the role as a punter and a kicker and potentially all three. It just depends. He thinks I'm going to come in and start as either a punter and a kicker or a punter and a kickoff guy. He knows I'm going to start as a punter.”

How does Day feel about that big of a role?

It's huge, are you kidding me? It's rare in big football to have a guy come in and play punter and kicker,” Day said. “Most of the time it's just punter and kickoff or kickoff and nothing else. He's giving me a chance to come in and start as a punter, start probably as a kickoff guy and also have a chance to start at all three.”

Rutgers likely hosts Day during its Jan. 20 official-visit weekend. Outside of the basic information about the school, Day has a unique tie in that his grandmother learned opera at Rutgers before she moved to New York.

I know that they're in a rebuilding situation,” Day said. “Having kind of struggled a little bit, they're trying to turn it around so they hired pretty much an all-new coaching staff. That's exciting.”

Okruch was the first coach in his house for a college visit this offseason.

He gave me the whole rundown of everything that is going on,” Day said. “He said you can start as a freshman. You could potentially play all four years. … He talked with my parents and we just talked about Rutgers and everything it has to offer. The academics are high. It's Big Ten football.”

Day also has offers from San Diego State and Colorado State, but Rutgers has the majority of his attention.

I plan on getting as much information about Rutgers as I can and they have my 110 percent attention,” Day said. “When a school is on the fence with you, they're playing ping pong with you and they're kind of teasing you, you can't really trust the school that much. When a school gives you an offer that's when your full attention goes to it. As far as committing to a school, I don't know. Say I go to Rutgers and I feel like this is where I want to be and I love it so much, then I feel like I would definitely commit. I have some other options right now and I'm going to visit them because I owe them the respect and the attention just like I owe Rutgers my respect and my attention.”

Chris Sailer Kicking rates Day as the No. 1 punter in 2017. Confidence is not an issue for the 6-foot-2 specialist.

I have yet to be beaten in a competition because I simply can hit a 5.0 hangtime for about 50 yards every punt if I focus,” Day said. “It's pretty rare to have a guy who can hit 5.2, 55-yard punt that's a mishit. With most guys, their mishits are 4.2, 4.0 and kind of wobbly and 35 yards. My mishits are absolute bombs.

On kickoffs, I grew up playing soccer. I've got a great feel for the ball. I can hit the back of the end zone from the 35. I can give you the 4.0 hangtime into the corner if you need it. I've got a soft touch on onside kicks because of soccer. Field goals, pressure is nonexistent for me. I've always acted when I was a kid. I see it as being on a stage performing. It's just you doing what you have to do.”

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