Holy Moses!

Tres Moses had 5 receptions, two touchdowns including a 66 yard punt return to lead Rutgers over Buffalo by a score of 24-10. Tres opened up the scoring in the first quarter with the long punt return for a TD. Minutes later he hauled in a 15 yard pass for Rutgers second score. The Knights never looked back.


On his 66 yard punt return Buffalo defenders learned the
futility of trying to catch Tres Moses from behind.

(AP Photo Christopher Barth)

Justise for all

Rutgers has found its power runner in Justise Hairston. Justise had 19 carries for 88 yards (4.6 ypc). The most impressive thing about Justise's performance is that it didn't matter if he had a hole or not. If there was no opening in the line Justise made one by bulling his way through the Buffalo defenders for positive yardage.

Ya gotta have Hart

Ryan Hart was 21 for 31 one for 229 yards, one touchdown and no interceptions. More importantly he stepped away from pressure and found the open receiver all night long. Hart hit eight different receivers during the course of the game.

Al Peterson gave headaches to Buffalo QB Randall Secky

(AP Photo/Christopher Barth)

Things to feel good about

Rutgers talent is starting to show and it is starting to mature. Tres Moses was always a talent, he is starting to play like it. Clark Harris pulled in 3 catches for 42 yards. Berkeley Hutchinson's raw potential is nothing short of astonishing. Shawn Tucker, Bill Beckford, Al Peterson and others all had good games. Brian Leonard is a threat to run or to catch to the pass. The thing that people keep forgetting is how young these kids still are.


How would you like to see Brian Leonard flying at you?

(AP Photo/ Christopher Barth)


Things to be concerned about

The long snapper is still playing roll ball on punt snaps. That will end up losing a game if Schiano doesn't fix it.

Rutgers came out of half time up by 21 and flat as a pancake. Try that against a more talented team than Buffalo and see what happens.


PISCATAWAY, N.J. (AP) _ Tres Moses scored on a 66-yard punt return and a 15-yard pass play in the first quarter and Rutgers broke a nine-game losing streak with a season-opening 24-10 victory over Buffalo on Saturday night.
Rutgers defeats Buffalo

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