Johnathan Lewis (photo by Brian Dohn)

Quarterback Commit Johnathan Lewis Reacts to Drew Mehringer's Rutgers Departure

New Jersey's top quarterback Johnathan Lewis reacts to Sunday's offensive coordinator change at Rutgers.

While disappointed by the loss of offensive coordinator Drew Mehringer, Jersey City (N.J.) St. Peter's Prep quarterback Johnathan Lewis is as confident as ever in his future with Rutgers.

Rutgers was as open with Lewis as possible when it came to a departure by his primary recruiter.

Coach [Chris] Ash and coach Mehringer pulled me and my dad aside and we had a meeting about it,” Lewis said. “It's just business. I understand. I hope he has the best time at Texas, and I 100 percent know he's going to do what he has to do for that program.

It was important for me to find out [in person]. If I would have found out another way, I would have felt betrayed. I don't like that. I like how coach Ash and coach Mehringer told me personally instead of another way. It shows what they're really about.”

New Jersey's top quarterback will be one of the first on the phone when Ash chooses a new play-caller.

Coach Ash said he's going to do the same offense with a high-tempo spread,” Lewis said.

Lewis called his official visit a success following a commitment from cornerback Ihmir Marsette.

It was really fun,” Lewis said. “We got to bond with my fellow recruits and commits and got to make one of our guys on the trip commit so it was successful”

Next in Lewis' sights is the re-recruitment of Jon Lovett at running back.

[My message is] come back to the family because we need him,” Lewis said. “Our class is going to change things at Rutgers. This weekend was about bonding with us. We already know he's coming back but we just have to bond with him more. We have top in every position except for running back and we need a running back to put this class all together. Very important piece.”

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