Anthony Cioffi Inks Agent Deal, Ready for NFL Training

SPRINGFIELD, N.J. -- There was no better place for former Rutgers safety Anthony Cioffi to ink the next step in his life. From the counter of his family deli, Cioffi signed with EMG sports for representation in the upcoming build to an NFL career.

What they're saying...

Safety Anthony Cioffi -- "I feel like [teams] should give me a shot because I'm someone who's going to be dedicated to the game and understand it from inside and out and be in the film room religiously knowing that if they're in this set, they're going to run this play. Knowing the game is going to be big and in that I'm going to excel."

Father Jerry Cioffi -- "We try to base all of the decisions on family. That's who we are and how we operate as a family. We're there for each other. We're always there for each other. We met four different agents and all of them are unbelievable great people. We just feel like this is the best chance for Anthony to go forward to achieve his goal and his life-long dream."

Agent Matt Marino -- "He's a three-and-a-half year starter, a very athletic kid, team leader. ... He's one of those guys that you want on the field as much as possible. We think he's going to transfer that to the NFL. He's going to test extremely well. He's a hard-working kid. I think by seeing how his family looks at him and how he looks at his family, he's got the opportunity to work with a good group and going forward, we see him really working his [tail] off. We really see his desire to progress. That's one of the biggest when you take the film, his athleticism and desire, he's got a big bright future with us."

Joe Goerge, Cioffi's coach at Springfield (N.J.) Dayton -- “I couldn't be happier for Anthony and his whole family. I knew Anthony was special back in the sixth grade when I first met him. It was a great pleasure to coach him and see how he developed into a young man, a 205-pound player. He did everything for us. In a tough year during a tough transition as a senior [at Rutgers], everything I've heard from the coaches up there has been nothing but good stuff – great player, great attitude, great leader. He's going to have himself ready for that Pro Day at Rutgers.”

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