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From Competition to Companions, Shameen Jones on Rutgers Official Visit

Bronx (N.Y.) Cardinal Hayes receiver Shameen Jones spoke with Scarlet Report about an important development during his official visit to Rutgers.

A Rutgers official visit was about relationships for Bronx (N.Y.) Cardinal Hayes receiver Shameen Jones. Already committed to the program, Jones made new friends during a weekend on campus.

“I've always felt good but it's a lot better since my official visit,” Jones said. “It brought everybody a lot closer. Most of the receivers, I was looking at them more like competition before I went on my visit. When I got there, they became my friends instead.”

Jones expressed no concern regarding a change at offensive coordinator. Whomever coach Chris Ash chooses, Jones said he is ready to play.

“They let us know before anybody else know,” Jones said. “I feel as if the new OC can't really have a big effect from my. I haven't been coached by coach [Drew] Mehringer either, so anybody they bring in will be new anyway. Coach Ash is a good person, so I believe he'll pick a person that will be beneficial for all of us.”

With a trip to Brother Jimmy's BBQ in New Burnswick as Jones' favorite part of the visit, staff loyalty stands out about Rutgers.

Jones partially tore his ACL in September. The Rutgers staff, he said, never wavered.

“It was a slight tear but at first I was scared thinking that Rutgers was going to pull back but coach [Bill] Busch w as on me every day checking on how I am and how I was doing. I ended up being able to play in my championship game and making an impact with a big touchdown.”

The next step? National Signing Day.

“I feel excited,” Jones said. “I just feel like that day is going to relieve all of the tension. No one can ever be worried again about me going somewhere else. For myself, that's like the best day of my life. It's a dream come true.”

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