Pictures from the Buffalo Game

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Buffalo 2003

Here are some pictures from the Buffalo game. Enjoy!!!

Former Scarlet Knights, Greg Pyszczymuka (1999-02) and Mike Belh (1995-99) on the sidelines of the game. Since their playing days, they have lost over 60 pounds.

Former Scarlet Knight and first-team All-American (1961) Alex Kroll.

Former Scarlet Knights, James Baker (1965-67), Pierce Frauenheim (1960-61), and Roger Wingate (1996-97)

Former Scarlet Knights, Roger Wingate (1996-97), Greg Pyszczymuka (1999-02) LJ Smith (1999-02) and Mike Belh (1995-99)

Former Scarlet Knights, Derek Young (Mgr. 1986), Tom Wright (1991-1994), Vaugh Mckoy (1986-1989), LJ Smith (1999-02), and Donald Forbes (1986-1990)

Former Scarlet Knights, Keith Price (1991-94
), Roger Wingate (1996-97), Jason Curry (1994-96).


Donald "Big Dog" Forbes:
Mike and the Big Dog LLC

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