More places to watch the game

After checking with a couple of folks in the E.Lansing area the best place to park for non  season parking pass holders is the area adjacent to the Tennis courts.  This area is located approximately 1/2 mile south of the football stadium, between Wilson Rd. and West Shaw La.  This location allows alcoholic beverages--not all tailgating areas at MSU permit "drinking".  The cost for parking here is $15.
If you're driving an RV to the game, the parking area for these is adjacent to the "physical plant", (look for the smoke stack) south of Wilson Road (and south of the Tennis courts.).
The cost is $30. 
The best map of the area seems to be at: 
Dan Welch and I will be in the "Tennis Court" parking lot before 11:00/am.  The Scarlet flag will be flying high--please join us.  (Remember, you' re still on "eastern time!")

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