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Once again I do apologize for not answering everyone individually.  I'll try and answer questions that have been repeated time and time again. Because of time constraints it is difficult if not impossible to answer everyone but these seem to be the most frequently posed issued.


Why are you so down on Kuso? You said  ‘expect 6 or 7 points, 6 rebounds and a block," from what I've read, I think he'll do a lot better.


John, your comments are well taken and he may do better or he may not. You have an unknown quantity in Abi Kuso. Have you ever seen him play? I haven't and I'm going on information that has been fed to me by a third party. All I'm saying is temper your enthusiasm.


 What do you expect from our other freshman center, Joynes, this year? I'm not sure what he'll give us either. What I'm saying is set your expectations extremely high and you'll be upset; set them a bit more realistically and if either center exceeds them, you'll be ecstatic.


To be extremely successful this year, you need 10-12 points and 8-10 rebounds out of the position. You may have center by committee with Sean or Herve sometimes going down low on offense or one of these guys may step it up. It's too early to tell right now. Ask the same question in December and you can probably answer it by yourself.


Big men develop at a slower pace than guards and swings. Usually they are still growing into their bodies and positions. Abi is said to be skilled for an inside player. His defense is probably ahead of his offense as it is with most insiders but he reputedly has some inside moves.


I believe that both of our frosh insiders have the potential to be legitimate Big East players. They have to work on the floor, the weight room and classroom to get there. As Head Coach Gary Waters said, they have to learn the secret.


Who is going to be our starting point guard this year?


Joe, I really don't know the answer to this one either and I'm not sure that the staff has anyone penciled in as of today. If I had to guess there is a two, three and four penciled into the lineup but the point position is up for grabs.


Juel Wiggans has the most experience at the point position.  He has worked hard this summer in the weight room and is bigger and stronger than last year. Juel can take it to the hole and hit his foul shot but he was inconsistent from the perimeter last year.  He will have to fend off challenges from Cal Wooten, when he is better, Marquis Webb and Quincy Douby.


Cal, when he is healed, gives you a combination of someone that can go long or take it to the hole. Webb and Douby make interesting match up problems for other teams at the point. Marquis played all five positions in high school and is big and strong with handles. He can take it to the hoop or stop and pop. Quincy on the other hand isn't as big or strong nor does he take it to the hole as often as Marquis.  Quincy gives you a deadly sniper from two or three point range. He has to be closely guarded from the perimeter thus keeping the inside more open for a drive to the hole from the two or three position or a move by your posts.


It's going to be interesting to see what comes out of this group.



What do you think our record will be this year?


Eric, you answer the first two questions that we have today and then I'll answer this one for you.



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