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Rutgers Gets Last Push for CB Recruit Brandon Brown of Canada Prep

Canada Prep athlete recruit Brandon Brown goes 1-on-1 with Scarlet Report after a pair of weekend official visits. What does it mean for Rutgers?

Canada Prep athlete Brandon Brown came out of official visits No. 2 and 3 undecided with a fourth on the way before National Signing Day.

A Central Michigan commit with interest from multiple programs, Brown hit both hometown Buffalo and Boston College over the weekend.

“I'm still kind of open about where I'm going to go,” Brown said.

Brown returned home from Boston College late Monday night with a positive feeling about the school.

“I liked getting in there to meet the players and getting to know them a little better,” he said. “I'm getting to know the coaches, the teachers, the tutors, the staff membranes and I'm seeing how everybody is connected like a family.”


Boston College defensive backs coach Anthony Campanile was “the highlight” of Brown's BC visit.

“I liked him when we went over film,” Campanile said. “He taught me a lot of things that I didn't really know. I would play for him.”

Rutgers is the next and final stop for Brown before a decision.

“I'm definitely still excited for that visit,” he said. “It's Rutgers and then I'm ready to make a decision. I want to see all of the players there and how they're all connected. I don't want to meet a bunch of selfish players. I want to see if it's like a family.”

Brown was at Buffalo Friday – his hometown school that offered shortly after Rutgers.

“It was cool,” he said. “I sat down and talked with the coaches. They showed me a lot of love. It's where I'm from,so I knew a couple of the players on the team. They told me a lot.”

Brown's interest skyrocketed after a semester at Canada Prep where hard work paid off he said.

“This has been big for me,” he said. “I was wondering why only two schools (Central Michigan and Boston College) were looking at me at the time. I was working hard. I was always in the weight room, working on the field. I know I'm prepared for the next level. These schools see how I transformed. What they see now, I'm improved so much from the first time they saw me.”

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