SIGNED: Defensive Back Syhiem Simmons is a Scarlet Knight

Birmingham (Ala.) Carver defensive back Syhiem Simmons signed with Rutgers football.

Projected Position – Nickel

From His Words – “It means a lot to me being from Jersey City and going to play some good football at Rutgers. I think Jersey City is ready for it. I'm not just playing for myself. I'm playing for my hometown. I'm playing for my city, my coaches.”

Scouting the Scarlet Knight – “There's a lot to like of this get, especially on the field. Simmons is the type to improve your team day by day in practice with his ability. He isn't elite at any one thing but he is an aggressive, chip-on-his-shoulder kid who will come up and let you know of his presence. He can play RB, LB, DB and became the alpha on a defense with a handful of P5 guys already on it this year. Teammates, coaches loved him in the process, too.” – Scout Alabama Expert John Garcia Jr.

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