New Rutgers Feels Like Home for Graduate Transfer Damon Mitchell

PISCATAWAY, N.J. -- Damon Mitchell fit in so well with Rutgers that he has a leadership role in less than three weeks with the program. The Arkansas graduate transfer and former Cedar Creek star gave an honest assessment of the new ere at Rutgers during National Signing Day.

Question – What's it going to be like to play for Chris Ash?

Damon Mitchell – “It's going to be cool. At a high-school visit, he actually waited all day and came to see me work out. He's standing there in a Wisconsin shirt. I was kind of nervous. He just wanted to see what I was about and how I trained and how my attitude was around the guys. He thought highly of me. I think highly of him and respect him and I can't thank him enough. He's given me an opportunity for one year and do it with my brother and be back home. To be able to finally play for him, I would say it's going to be fun. I'm excited to do that.”

Q – How different is Chris Ash with Rutgers compared to what you saw as a recruit in high school?

DM – “He's the same guy. He hasn't changed a bit. That's why I decided to come. You can find somebody who is consistent to their approach and to how they are as a person, that's a guy that you want. As far as how he was there to how he is here, it's not really much [different]. He actually called me the other day just to check in on me, see how I was doing as far as adjusting. He cares. He's a player's coach. His office is always open. That's something I respect about him.”

Q – What did you think of Rutgers in high school?

DM – “I'm not going to lie, it wasn't a good vibe here. I came up for an unofficial and after just being in it, I was like 'this is home in the state but it's not home in my hear.' But I'm happy to be here now.”

Q – What makes Rutgers feel like home now?

DM – “Coach Kenny Parker. He's a great dude. He's one of the strength coaches. And you've got coach Williams, Jafar Williams, even coach [Jerry] Kill who just got here. He's a guy that said, you win some games, he'll beat all of us in a dance contest. We've got coach Kenny Parker on me. I'm doing pullups and he comes over there and he's on the pullup bar saying 'you got dunked on son.' That's just how these men here are. You can tell they're family men. They bring that to their job. You've got 120, 105 kids in here and they all look at us in that kind of light. I respect that and that's why it feels like home.”

Q – Is Ahmir Mitchell living with you?

DM – “No. I did that for 18 years. I'm good. I need my space. You can come over whenever you want. He's got some organization issues we have to clean up.”

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