Touchdown Club Meeting

Overall, the positive mood surrounding the program is really encouraging. I don't know the exact numbers, but this seemed like the highest attendance of any TD club meeting I have ever been to. I will break down the meeting by the 2 main speakers, BM and Coach.



-         Expressed his disgust with the SI article. He is not happy with that article (he didn't say it, but I think he is more unhappy with the comments in the article than the purpose of the article itself, but I don't want to put words in his mouth)

-         He did say that he was not happy with the fact that a member of the RU family was ripping another member of the RU family and engaging in name-calling

-         He said that the University should have one common goal and that Dowling is basically using the article to further his own personal agenda. He was peeved

-         He also said that he is on a committee with 3 other Ads (2 from Bball and 2 from Fball) with several Presidents, to determine what the future of the BE would be. He is happy with the progress being made (it is taking up a lot of his time) and he anticipates that the process will be done by early Nov.

-         Lastly, he mentioned that as fans we should continue to try and bring more people to the stadium to do our best to fill it.

Coach Schiano

-         ** I am only going to focus on the things he said that haven't made the papers.

-         He definitely had a pep in his step

-         Was happy with the way the team played and is really excited by how the team is coming together – he said that this is the first year the team is playing "as a team". He said that in the past, they have always played hard and given their all, but the team is starting to "get it" and they all are pulling in the same direction.

-         They are going to try and redshirt Marcus Jones this year. He isn't sure if they can actually do it (he indicated that it would be hard to get through a year w/ only 3 running backs) but they would try. Marcus wants to do it and GS feels that Marcus can be a real asset to the team in the future.

-         Nate is on a plan to get back by mid-season. He is doing real well but they will RS him they don't think he can contribute.

-         The defense gelled from a playing together perspective but because they had to keep things simple (because of the double slot option), the D did not get a chance to really improve scheme-wise.

-         He feels that our talent now can go up against most teams – in other words, if we execute and play well, we should win the game


That's it for the most part. GO RU, BEAT MSU!!!

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