Cornerback Tim Barrow Trains For Next Level at Rutgers, Talks Tottenville Ties

What is cornerback signee Tim Barrow up to as he awaits his next chapter at Rutgers? From an on-campus visit to an offseason workout packet straight from the desk of coach Kenny Parker, the Staten Island (N.Y.) Tottenville product catches up with Scarlet Report about his preparation for the next level and more.

Shortly after Tim Barrow made his Rutgers commitment official and signed with the Scarlet Knights earlier in the month, the Staten Island (N.Y.) Tottenville cornerback took the next step in his preparation for the next level.

While his future Rutgers teammates are in the thick of the offseason workouts grind under coach Kenny Parker, Barrow trains strictly to the exercise packet he received from the strength staff.

With a chance to come in and compete for playing time as a freshman, Barrow looks to make the most of his preparation in the months before his arrival.

“When I first got (the Rutgers workout plan), I didn’t know what to expect at first,” Barrow said. “I thought it was going to be a regular high-school workout, I was going to keep my same reps but it’s really different. It’s a lot of sets and high reps. It really is really hard … but it prepares you, though. I can tell you that.

“In the book, it also gives you pictures of how to do the workout. If you’re doing the workout wrong, you can go into the book and check, see if you’re doing the workout right or whatever. But it’s a book that’s going to prepare you to do your best. It’s basically a series from February to March — it’s just the phases, basically. So yeah, it’s hard but it’s going to prepare you.”

Barrow visited Rutgers last Thursday when he took in a day of workouts. From the packet Barrow follows to the real thing in action at Rutgers, he said the difference was clear.

“They’re really busy during the workouts,” Barrow said. “I did go (visit and watch the workout) Thursday. … We got a feel for going up there just to watch and everything with coach Ash and basically just chill out there. The offseason workouts, they look brutal.

“It gets me very excited, actually. The workout book that they give us has actually prepared me for what’s going to happen. The results that I’m getting, I’m liking everything and I can’t wait for the action — the real thing.”

Barrow wasn’t the only player from Tottenville at Rutgers in the past week.

On Wednesday, Scout 200 four-star Zihir Lacewell made the drive over from Staten Island and clicked with the Rutgers coaches.

“As far as I know, Zihir has a great relationship with the coaching staff at Rutgers University and he is getting recruited by other schools and everything like that,” Barrow said. “He loves the school and everything like that, but he’s really not yet ready to make a decision. But I will tell you that he does enjoy his time every time he goes to Rutgers and he enjoys the coaching staff. So, the coaching staff, they’re doing a good job with him.

“It would be the greatest thing in the world, actually, lacing up with somebody that I know, that I’m comfortable around with and everything like that, that chemistry and everything like that. He’s a good friend of mine. I wish the best for him.”

The Tottenville ties continued Monday with Miami graduate transfer running back Augustus Edwards.

An incoming freshman at Tottenville when Edwards was a senior, Barrow personally knows the newest Rutgers addition.

“He was basically leaving, so you hear about this kid doing good at Tottenville,” Barrow said of Edwards. “He’s basically one of the highest recruits in the state at the time. He was really good, so that’s how I knew Gus. Once in a blue moon, Gus will come back to Tottenville with (former) coach (Jim) Munson and everything like that just to say hi. I just respect seeing two former great players that played at Tottenville just meet each other and have a little conversation how college football is different and things like that.

“But yeah, Gus, he’s a great kid. Can’t wait to actually play with him. I reached out to him — he was on his visit to Rutgers and I told him to enjoy it because he’s going to have a great time and he liked it.”

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