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Super Rally at the Alley: Jason McCourty Talks Rutgers

NEW YORK -- Between adding to the family and a Rutgers player joining him in Tennessee, former Scarlet Knight team captain Jason McCourty enters his ninth NFL season in a great place. How does McCourty feel about the Rutgers buzz this offseason?

Question: What goes into the Super Rally at the Alley with five of you?

Former Rutgers Captain Jason McCourty: “This has been pretty cool for me and Dev(in McCourty). It was a little bit of a roadblock for us this year with both of us adding new members to the family, having a little girl. We're just trying to ease our transition. Being able to team up with (Mohamed) Sanu and Brian (Leonard) and Mike (Burton) is awesome. It's kind of cool. Brian has done a ton of things. He's the one that kind of started everything with Embrace Kids and the Rally at the Alley. Me and Dev have been able to continue our efforts with the Tackle Sickle Cell campaign. Mike and Sanu now are getting their feet wet and jumping in as well. This year was kind of special to be able to all come together and do this at the Super Rally at the Alley.”

Question: What does it say about the Rutgers football network to get together like this?

JM: “It just shows guys care. Beyond that, it shows that the surrounding people that supported us, they all care. To be able to have an event like this, have people show up for different causes and they all want to be a part of this. On top of that, having so many guys come back to support the event. It just goes to show the impact that Brian, Mike, Sanu, Dev and myself have had on the people that we've come across throughout our college and pro careers.”

Question: What's it like to see Rutgers getting positive headlines again?

JM: “It's awesome. You always want to brag about something, especially in the locker room while you're playing. When stuff's not going too great, you kind of have to tuck your t shirt in and walk around with your head down. The more positive news, the more trash talk that goes on, you just feel good about your alma mater. I think us guys have all remained close to Rutgers. We know the pedigree. We know what's there in the building. We know tough times sometimes come and go. There's people there that are going to make those times go away. We know it's going to be success coming in the future.”

Question: What was your reaction to Logan Ryan signing with the Tennessee Titans?

JM: “He called me the night before he decided, and just talked to me about the team and what was going on and how I thought he fit. It's awesome. I get a chance to train with Logan all offseason. Obviously Dev has gotten a chance to play with him the past four years. For me, I've always been a fan of him. Leaving Rutgers before he got there, then being able to watch him every week playing, seeing him get to New England and continue to have success. That's the goal. … I think he'll fit right in with the scheme and everything we're doing in Tennessee. I think he'll be the guy for years to come. As the older guy to see the younger guy come in and him being a guy that comes from your school, it's kind of special It's awesome.”

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