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Quarterback Conversation: 1-on-1 with Rutgers Senior Zach Allen

PISCATAWAY, N.J. -- Scarlet Report goes inside the mind of senior quarterback Zach Allen about leadership, changes under Jerry Kill and everything Rutgers competition.

Scarlet Report: How are you enjoying your Rutgers spring?

Rutgers Senior Quarterback Zach Allen: “It's been nice. It's nice to have the pads back on, the helmets back on. The football is going around again. It's nice to get out here competing and doing some team stuff. It's nice to be back out here.”

SR: So right when you finally get comfortable at Rutgers, you change offensive coordinators. What has the transition been like?

ZA: “It's been pretty smooth. Coach (Jerry) Kill is a really smart guy. He knows what he's talking about. He's got a good offense in store. There's similarities and there's some differences. It's going to take a little learning curve, and then we're ready to rock and roll.”

SR: How do you think you fit the way his offense works?

ZA: “It's pretty similar to the one we ran last year. It's a lot of throwing the ball and quarterback runs. I think I fit pretty well. I've got to go out there and compete and just have fun.”

SR: What's it been like working with new weapons like Damon Mitchell?

ZA: “We lost a lot this past year, so guys have to step up. Damon coming in, transferring in, he's had a lot of leadership with the other guys. It's been nice. Guys have to step up. Go out there and compete. No one has any jobs yet, so everyone is trying to do everything they can. It's a lot about learning the system and running the offense and signals and knowing what to do. That will be the best thing for them. It's nice throwing to some different guys. It builds some confidence for these guys.”

SR: Like you said, nobody has a job yet. That includes quarterback. How are you approaching this competition with Giovanni Rescigno and Tylin Oden and knowing that Johnathan Lewis is coming in?

ZA: “No one has a job. We're all out here competing. Every day, we're just enjoying ourselves. We're all good friends. We compete and have a good time. No job is really won in the spring. We're all coming out, competing, trying to give our all every day. We're trying to move our way up and down the depth chart.”

SR: What have you learned from Jerry Kill and all of his experience?

ZA: “He's been a good leader, a good mentor already. He's only been here for a little bit, but we've already learned so much from him. It's more X's and O's and leadership. Everything he brings to the table, he's got a lot of experience. He knows what he's talking about. A guy like that, you can kind of look up to like, 'alright. We're all in. We're ready to go.' Whatever he says, we're just going to do.”

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