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Center Jonah Jackson Confident as New First-Teamer for Rutgers Football

PISCATAWAY, N.J. -- Does Jonah Jackson think his job can be won this spring? New first-team center Jackson reacts to a new role with Rutgers football.

Rutgers sophomore offensive lineman Jonah Jackson opening statement: “Since the day I came here, I've been excited to play college football especially on a big stage. Big Ten football, I can't wait.”

Question: What would constitute a successful spring camp for you?

JJ: “Definitely working on my footwork better, better on the playcalling and understanding the playbook more and staying on blocks better, keeping my feet better. Just overall a lot of stuff.”

Question: What do you learn behind a guy like Derrick Nelson for two years?

JJ: “First off, leadership. Derrick was a great leader, a great role model. He taught me a lot. He taught me how to properly ID stuff and all of that.”

Question: In terms of your progress this spring, where are you?

JJ: “I would say I progressed a lot from last year, especially with the strength staff. My strength is up there. I'm ready to go, but I just need to get more confidence in myself and build up my understanding of the game better and the different fronts and different schemes that the defense is going to throw out there.”

Question: Does it help to play with Dorian Miller?

JJ: “Yes. Dorian is a great, calming factor. When I'm out there and I'm real amped up and excited because it's a new role being a (starter). He's calming me down. He helps me better understand. He helps me with the calls.”

Question: Are you confident making the line calls?

JJ: “For sure. Coach (AJ) Blazek has definitely helped me with that. I'm studying, working in my playbook a lot more than I did last year.”

Question: Do you feel like you can win the job in spring?

JJ: “Yeah. I have confidence in myself to win it but I have great competition behind me with Sam (Howson) and Mike (Maietti) but I'm willing to put in the work.”

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