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Developmental Year Boosts former Piscataway Star Elorm Lumor's Confidence at Rutgers

PISCATAWAY, N.J. -- Is defensive end Elorm Lumor in line for playing time in his third season out of high school?

The practice squad gave Elorm Lumor the boost he needed. A one-time crosstown star, Lumor's transition to Rutgers was a challenge both in injuries and physical development.

Fourteen months later, however, Lumor found his confidence after a developmental year as a reserve for Rutgers.

“I understand how to stay patient,” Lumor said. “When I first got here, I wasn't as patient. Now I'm learning to wait for things on the field to come to me. I'm learning to be patient and how to flip my hips better. Just keep watching film with (the coaches) so I can get better every day.”

As defensive line coach Shane Burnham explains it, Rutgers moves its players up for the best team speed possible. For Lumor, that meant a quick move to a rush defensive end role after he enrolled at Rutgers.

Lumor moved to end after a career at Piscataway (N.J.) and Milford (Conn.) Academy at linebacker.

“Defensive end is fun because it's like a hybrid,” Lumor said. “It's like a mix of roles for me. It's everything I can ask for.”

Lumor cracked his first Rutgers depth chart as spring began. Lumor expects meaningful snaps in the rotation as a red-shirt freshman.

“(My reps) are more important now because they're counting on me,” Lumor said. “I'm taking it day-by-day, and I'm just getting used to all of the plays. We're just getting used to everything and learning.”

Lumor considers himself in need of development, citing Burnham and senior Kemoko Turay as role models.

“I like coach (Burnham's) energy and his passion,” Lumor said. “You can tell that he cares. He just wants us to win and be as big as we can. … Kemoko is fast. He has good hips. I'm trying to get good hips like him and learn from him as a role model. Darnell (Davis) is the guy I watch to learn how to grind.”

Piscataway's pipeline dates back a long way at Rutgers. Lumor is the newest addition but former teammate Elijah Barnwell is not far behind. Barnwell flipped to Rutgers on National Signing Day.

“We won a championship together,” Lumor said. “I was happy when we got him. He texted me and asked me for advice and I gave him a lot of advice. He decided to commit here. … Expect a good running back that goes hard every day. He doesn't take plays off. He works hard.”

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