Rutgers Commitment Q&A with Louisville Graduate Transfer Quarterback Kyle Bolin

Transferring Louisville quarterback Kyle Bolin went 1-on-1 with Scarlet Report on the morning of his Rutgers commitment. Why Rutgers? Is Bolin mobile enough? Does Bolin plan to start? He gives the answers.

Louisville graduate transfer Kyle Bolin spoke 1-on-1 with Scarlet Report about his Rutgers commitment after Scout's Bill Greene first reported the move Wednesday morning. Read the question and answer session with the newest horse in Chris Ash's quarterback race.

Scarlet Report: Every analyst I've talked to things you're a great fit for Rutgers. What makes you feel like Rutgers is the best fit coming from Louisville?

Kyle Bolin: “Meeting with (offensive coordinator Jerry) Kill and talking with him and understanding what his plan is for the offense next year, I feel like it fits me in a great way. Obviously I'm going to have to come in and compete with the other quarterbacks but it's very similar to what we've ran at the University of Louisville in terms of concepts. The terminology is somewhat similar. It's going to be very simple for me to come in and really learn the offense before camp. I'm excited to get up there and start working with everybody, the team, the other quarterbacks and the coaching staff and try to turn this program around.”

Scarlet Report: What did you see from the offense in the spring game? Mobility is a clear part of that offense, but do you feel you can be successful in the pocket as well?

KB: “Meeting with coach Kill and knowing that he's very flexible when it comes to being an offensive coordinator, whichever type of quarterback plays next year, coach Kill will work the offense and the play-calling to bring out the best in whoever the starter is. With me, I feel like I'm athletic enough to run the football. I'm not going to kill a team with my legs by any means because my strength is facilitating the football to the playmakers behind me and to the side of me. We'll see what happens.”

Scarlet Report: How do you know Ross Douglas and what was it like to spend time with him on your visit?

KB: “Me and Ross met at the National Underclassman Combine back in eighth grade. We were actually going against each other before we knew our parents were friends. If anybody has kids or knows how that camp circuit works, fathers get in contact with each other and become friends. Basically, we were just a friendship that started through our parents and lasted a very long time. It was very neat seeing him. I hadn't seen him in a while. Getting up there and catching up with him and seeing Rutgers University and the town and the players, they're all very receptive to me being up there. The moment I stepped on campus, I just like they wanted me to be a part of what they had going on.”

Scarlet Report: Everyone thinks you have a future in coaching some day. Is that something you want to do down the road? How can someone like Jerry Kill help you take the next step after everything you learned from coach Bobby Petrino?

KB: “Yes. I spoke with coach Petrino for the past year about coaching. In the end, it's what I want to do. However long football will last for me, I have planned for that day. That plan is to be a college football coach. Coach Petrino helped me a tremendous amount learning the offense, learning how to be a successful coach, learning how to interact with players and coaches. He supported me during this transfer. Hopefully in a couple of years after I get away from Louisville and whenever football ends, Coach said he'd love to have me come back and coach for him. In terms of playing underneath coach Kill, he's a very respectable coach around the country. Being able to form a relationship with him, he has a ton of ties in the coaching world, and being able to have him as a reference would help me out a tremendous amount.”

Scarlet Report: Wins have been tough to come by the last few seasons, so what did you see from Rutgers on your visit that enticed you to commit?

KB: “Being at Louisville and understanding what it takes to be successful, I feel like I have a knowledge of how to win. I want to be a guy that can come into a program and not piggyback on what other kids have done at a the program and just hop on a line. I want to go to a program where, maybe they've had a little bit of failure. Maybe they're trying to find who they are and find their identity. With the experience I have, I feel I can help Rutgers find its identity and get the ball rolling. It's a great opportunity playing in the Big Ten against some of the best programs in the country. If we get this thing going, it could be a huge testament to the coaches at Rutgers and the type of player that I am.”

Scarlet Report: Grad transfers don't come to new schools to sit on the bench. What kind of competitive edge will you bring to the locker room?

KB: “I have a ton of experience. I've been playing for Louisville for three years. Some games, I was coming off the bench and having to make plays to put our team in the best opportunity to win. Some of them were starting. Some ended up having to be mop-up duty due to Lamar Jackson's success and his Heisman reign. I've seen every aspect of everything a college athlete can go through. I feel like I can be a role model to the younger guys. I have the leadership and the ability to push the older guys.”

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