Galindo Patient With Recruitment

Alex Galindo spent a considerable portion of the summer back home in Puerto Rico. For that reason and one other, his recruitment is taking a little longer to sort out.

Alex Galindo, No. 83 in our pre-season rankings, has a lengthy list of colleges chasing him at this point. Unlike others in his class who have been able to narrow their focus, Galindo spent time in his native Puerto Rico this summer and that affected his timetable.

In addition to the return trip home, Galindo also wants to see some of the schools in action. "He doesn't want to take visits until after the practice starts," St. Benedict's coach Dan Hurley said. "Just to get a feel for how the team plays and what the coach is like and what it looks like at his position. It's easy for a coach to say he really needs you and then you go to practice and see three or four 6-7 guys who can shoot and play on the perimeter."

Galindo crafted his list to read UTEP, Villanova, North Carolina State, Rutgers, Pittsburgh, Boston College, St. John's, Virginia, Seton Hall and Oregon and Arizona snuck into the mix as well. Each could potentially make an in-school visit or swing down to Puerto Rico to meet with his family.

The best guess is that UTEP, Villanova, NC State, Rutgers and Pittsburgh receive official visits. However, with prospects committing at a pretty good rate these days and Galindo having no visits set up to date, the chance that a school fills his spot is there.

Even if one of Galindo's favorites would call and tell him that they're about to fill his spot, he's not going to commit. Seeing the campuses and the way a program operates is that important to him.

"He is a kid that's aware of who's been recruiting him and with him it'll come down to the academics," Hurley said. "Is there a major that fits his college plans? And then, the staff and people will be important. He's a great kid that cares about the support he's going to have around him. He really takes to people."

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