Myles Johnson

Center Myles Johnson Runs Down Rutgers Visit, Decides Sunday

Three-star center Myles Johnson is set on a Mother's Day commitment after a pair of official visits. He runs down the Rutgers visit with Scarlet Report.

Center Myles Johnson has the perfect weekend planned after a massive week of travel. From Hawaii to New Jersey, the Long Beach (Calif.) Polytechnic big man is back home for prom, Mother's Day and a college decision.

Johnson remains set on a Sunday signing with hosts Hawaii and Rutgers as his finalists. He returned home from Rutgers Friday morning and, after school, broke it down with Scarlet Report. Academics were the early focus, including lunch academic adviser Randi Larson and a meeting with the engineering department.

"We went to the Busch Campus where all the engineering classes are at and I talked to the engineering dean and she explained the whole program and what is has to offer me, the alumni base that have and the opportunities available, and she also explained what my schedule would look like," Johnson said.

Johnson toured both football and basketball facilities during the visit. The newly-opened basketball weight-training facility impressed in addition to player dorms. Johnson and his father stayed in a hotel but spent plenty of time with host Candido Sa and big man Shaquille Doorson.

Johnson met coach Steve Pikiell for the first time during the visit. He also talked scheme with assistant coach Jay Young.

"We talked about where I would fit into roster wise if I was to come and they explained their goals for the season and what they expected out of me if I went there," Johnson said. "That ended the visit and we ate a final meal together with the whole coaching staff and then we were on our way back home."

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