Inside the ACC

 The ACC moved quickly on Miami and VT for a variety of reasons; one in particular that we up in the East were not aware of. It seems that they have known for a while about Vanderbilt's decision to reorganize their athletic department and that the school is considering "other" conference options. Basically they are a smaller school in the SEC and have been getting hammered for a long time. The ACC was aware that Miami would be a perfect fit in the SEC and wanted to preempt a move by the SEC should Vandy desire to exit. Additionally VT would also have made a good SEC member as well. The ACC expansion was also done for the obvious financial reasons and, as we discussed before, the fact that the conference may have lost their BCS eligibility if they couldn't put forth a consistent Top 10 team. Looking forward, don't expect that Louisville to the Big East is a done deal. The ACC is very interested in that school as their 12th member. All that being said, Notre Dame still holds all the trump cards and if they make a conference decision many dominos will fall.

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