Ohio Three-Star DE Brandon Derrow on Rutgers Relationships, Recruiting

What unique tie can Rutgers use in its recruitment of three-star defensive end Brandon Derrow? The Ohio pass rusher breaks down the latest in his recruitment.

Columbus (Ohio) St. Francis DeSales three-star defensive end Brandon Derrow hears often from Rutgers as one of Ohio's best pass rushers.

As Derrow approaches a hopeful summer decision, Rutgers has another Central Ohio defensive end to help its cause. Hilliard Bradley's Brendan Bordner enrolled at Rutgers in January. He repents a unique recruiting took for the Scarlet Knights with Derrow.

“He committed there, and I'd known him before,” Derrow said. “I knew he went to Rutgers, but the first time I talked to the defensive line coach (Shane) Burnham, he talked to me about Bordner. When we visited there, he hung out with us a lot of the day and talked to him about why he went there. I've kept in contact with him. … I was very impressed with how he hasn't been there for long and he gained a lot of weight and got a lot stronger.”


Rutgers is one of three schools most aggressively in pursuit of Derrow's services, he said.

“Toledo has definitely been the one that has been the most interest, and Western Michigan, too,” Derrow said. “I would say Rutgers is in heavy contact with me. They've all been really steady and in constant contact each week.”

Derrow visited Rutgers after an offseason offer from the Scarlet Knights.

“Rutgers really stood out to me because I get a good feel when I come to campus,” he said. “That was already good for me. I had a long day there. I started out with their practice and team meetings and everything. I got to see how the coaches interact with the players and everything. After practice and all that stuff, we visited around the campuses and I got a good feel for what they have to offer.”

Before Derrow trims his list in July and, likely, picks a school in August, the6-foot-4, 235-pound pass rusher has a busy camp slate. Derrow visited or camped at Pittsburgh, Boston College, West Virginia and Purdue already. Indiana and Vanderbilt are next on the schedule.

“I've met with my head coach a few weeks ago about what camps he recommended I go to with schools that are legitimately interested,” Derrow said. “He gave me a list of schools, and that's what we've been doing camp wise.

“When all of these schools are always asking me to visit and go to camp, it's tough to be able to space everything out and get everything done. Most of the offers I have, I've been to most of those schools. Right now, we're trying to see every place and try to narrow the list down.”

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